Brandon Grimes, Sales & Operations Manager
Brandon has been in the saltwater hobby going on 6 years now.  He started out in the freshwater hobby, like most of us, at an early age of 12 years old.  This was his first major purchase after he started a paper route and he has never looked back.  He has a huge passion for this hobby and educating the community about sustainability in the hobby. He is also the President of the local marine aquarium club.
Brandon has been with the company for well over a year now, and started out Part Time in livestock.  He became the Livestock Manager after demonstrating a great work ethic and understanding of the business in just a very short time. Brandon has recently been promoted to our Sales and Operations Manager and handles a wide variety of day to day tasks for Premium Aquatics.  
Please contact Brandon for any of your livestock, retail, or wholesale needs or questions you may have!  And please make sure to introduce yourself at the next frag swap that you visit that Premium Aquatics attends!


Sustainable Reefing, Colts Football, Gardening, Family Life