COVID-19 ship info:

We are shipping out at full capacity, no delays. We are shipping around 99% Ecoomy (100% on all paid shipping) of orders same day if ordered by 3pm, and 100% off all orders within 2 days.  We have closed our retail inside shopping, but we still are offering Curbside Pickup for drygoods.

Shipping couriers during Covid: There are some delays with all shipping couriers.  USPS has been running almost 7 days late. UPS and Fedex are generally on time with some going a day or so late. All couriers will not offer any time in transit guarantee even on air packages after Dec 12th to Dec 3rd for the Christmas holiday. So please be prepared for possible delays.

Shipping Information

Free Shipping Over $39.00
UPS Flat Rate Ground Upgrade $9.99

Some restriction's that apply:
To receive FREE SHIPPING, you must order $39.00 dollars minimum of product and select the FREE SHIPPING LINK in the ship options drop down box. Some proucts are marked as "does not qualify for free shipping", these items actual shipping rates will apply. Free Shipping can be a mix of UPS, UPS Sure Post, USPS 1st Class & Priority Mail. We choose the method. You can upgrade to UPS Ground, or choose UPS 2day air or 1 day air at 50% off UPS published rates.  Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and International would have additional shipping fees applied. 

Order Today - Ship Today Policy. (Monday - Friday)

We consider every order a priority and will do everything possible to ship your order the same day you order. We can't guarantee it 100%, but our success rate is over 99% of all orders. Compare this to other companies that take 3-5 days to ship out your order.  $5.99 Economy Shipping is most economical courier, which could be UPS, UPS Surepost, Fedex or USPS our choice, so can take a day longer depending on courier we use. This service is only available for continental USA. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and International would have additional shipping fees applied. International orders can take several extra days to ship out due to customs paperwork prep.

UPS Standard Ground CANADA -  We have a special contract with UPS for Canadian customers. Brokerage fees with UPS will be free under 20.00 value. $5.00 for 20.01 to 150 value. $15.00 for 150.01 to 750 value. $45.00 for 750.01 to 2500. You still have your duty/tax, but the brokerage has been lowered down to 10.00. If you choose UPS Expedited shipping the brokerage is free, plus duty/tax.

Some restriction's that apply:

  • Order must be placed online or over the phone by 3:00 pm Eastern Time. 2pm if you select Priority Mail.

  • Orders must be going out UPS Service. International takes 1-2 extra days to process.

  • Orders must have items in stock.

  • Orders must be properly authorized. This means if there is a mis-match on your credit card which prevents proper authorization, or you are wanting to ship to an address other then your billing address that needs additional authorization, it could delay your order.

  • Drop Ship items: A small part of our products we offer are shipped from the manufacture. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure timely ship outs. These items are marked as dropship on our website.

If you have any questions on our Ship Today policy please let us know. 

Shipping Frozen Foods

FROZEN FOOD Flat Rate $29.99 Shipping Charge - All frozen food is shipped in an extra thick insulated foam box with dry ice. It ships 2 days service or less and will arrive frozen just like you pulled it from the freezer. This keeps the foods protein and nutritional quality in tact. We ship Frozen Food orders Tuesday only. If you order later in the week, we will hold the order and ship the following week.

Shipping Livestock

The following information pertains to the shipping of livestock

Special note

Our live arrival guarantee applies to overnight service only. We use UPS, Fedex or on occasion USPS  for the livestock. We offer  a flat rate shipping on corals, inverts and fish. $25.00 overnight including an insulated box. FREE Overnight and Insulated Box for orders over 225.00. Saturday shipping is an additional $16.50 if avaiable in  your area. Does not include drygoods or live rock.

Filling orders

The industry standard for filling livestock orders are to substitute, up size or down size (and charge accordingly) or leave out any item that is not available at time of shipping. We do not follow this standard. We know you want your livestock and we will hold your order and make arrangements to either ship without it or get you something else you want or wait until we do have it. We might make a small substitute or leave out something small, for example 10 snails instead of 12, but you will be contacted if we can't fill an important part of your order. You can however tell us to follow the standard fill rate policy if you want.

Shipping your order

Our preferred shippiner is Fedex or UPS NextDay air, but depending on location and rates, on occasion we will use USPS Express, but always a method that ensures you receive your livestock in 1 day. Saturday shipping is not available online, but is possible with UPS and Fedex for an additional $16.50. Some areas we can use USPS without a saturday fee.

Packing your order

We are dedicated to making your package safe for shipping. Have you ever got a box of corals or fish in a big cooler box with no packing. The bags just flop around inside, this is not good for your livestock. I'm sure you all have seen how the shipping companies just throw boxes around!!

We use the appropriate size box for your order. If their is extra free space we fill it with newspaper and/or build styrofoam bridges and braces to lock everything in place.

We also start packaging your livestock in the late afternoon. This lets us leave your livestock in the water for a few extra hours and we believe the less stress the animals have the healthier they will be for you.

Bagging livestock

We do not cut any corners here. We use minimum one 2mil bag plus a 4mil bag over that one, if the coral is sharp or a crazy fish like a tang or trigger, we'll use 3 to 6 bags to make sure it doesn't break or bite the bags open. In the winter we use 20 hour heat packs and in the summer we use Ice Gel packs. These are all included with the box charge, on perfect weather days, 50-70 degrees, we do not use ice or heat and this type of weather is ideal for shipping. Depending on weather conditions, we also use special Breathing Bags, where they draw in oxygen and exhale CO2, allow us to ship longer times and save space. When the weather is nice, we will ship some crabs and snails with wet plastic strips only, this keeps them from polluting the water in the bag and saves you on weight, which means less money to ship. We do not use any methods that are not good for the animals, we use which ever method that works best all around. For example, we are shipping most crabs and snails without water, we will continue until weather makes this not possible. Customers have been reporting great arrivals, critters moving around right from the start, so hopefully the weather will remain nice.

Live arrival guarantee

We guarantee your livestock will be alive on arrival. You must be available to receive the items and acclimate them to your system within 1 hour of delivery. If you are not home or plan on acclimating them later that is fine, but that is at your own risk. Many of the animals can go a very long time in transit, but we use the fastest shipping available to preserve the animals health. The delivery company may require a signature, if you do not specifically ask us to release the signature and you can't be home. Just leave a note saying it's okay to leave and sign the note with your full signature. They'll cut out your signature and use on there delivery board and leave the package.

If you get livestock that you think is dead or close to it, just let us know and go ahead and acclimate the livestock like normal. If your new livestock dies within 12 hours or does not arrive alive we will give you a full instore credit for the animal. You can use the store credit for next livestock or drygood order, you do not have to reorder the same item. We do not put livestock credits back on your charge card, our instore credit does not expire though and we keep track of the balance for you. Shipping cost is not refundable unless it's a shipping company delay. Often bad weather conditions can void guarantees on shipping, we will always attempt to get you a full shipping refund if it's a late package.

Misc Fees:


We ship Monday thur Friday. You can generally call up to about 2PM and still get your livestock the next day. If you choose email please send the email by 2PM with confirmations otherwise it will be delayed. You are welcome to order via online, email or phone, if you want the faster and best fill rate we would recommend online as it checks stock and your credit card at the same time. If you are ordering via email and have emailed back and fourth, always include a final list of items you want, help keeps mistakes low.

Thank You,
Premium Aquatics, Staff.