Michelle Evans, Customer Service
I am Michelle. I am a proud mother of 7 children, 1 by marriage, 2 by birth, and 4 sent to me by divine intervention. I have been with Premium Aquatics since 2005 and love it. I had a couple tanks at one time or another. I know I don't know everything but I sure can help you figure it out one way or another. I strive myself on doing all I can for for my customers. I am not the quiet Michelle in the office. A lot of time if you call and Michelle Ray answers you will then get me so I usually say "Hello, this is the other Michelle!" I love to know my customers and there are many that I have known for years. I am dedicated to my customers just like I am dedicated to Premium Aquatics. So when you call you will know if you get me because I am pretty upbeat and full of energy.  
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