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IceCap 1k Gyre Flow Pump

Today we are taking a look at the IceCap 1k Gyre Flow Pump available at Premium Aquatics. 
IceCap 1k Gyre Flow Pump:
Similar to the Maxspect Gyre flow pump, the IceCap K1 is capable of generating the iconic GYRE water movement within small aquariums without breaking the bank. Single magnetic mount makes the pump simple to install. Comes with single side cap for a more compact "single propeller" operation for small nano tanks. 5 Controllable flow modes and programable 24hr flow period.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.8in x 2.8in x 1.5in
Weight: 1.2lbs
Flow Rate: ~1000gph
Power Consumption: 4w - 18w
Cable Length: 6.5ft