Vertex HP-200 Large Booster Pump - For Up To 200GPD Units
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Please note: HP-100 booster pump pictured.

A high Pressure membrane pumps is a great tool to improve water consumption ratio, membrane performance and therefore reducing premature over-exhaustion of DI-Resin. Further to that due to low pressure of incoming source water in many municipalities a booster pump can aid in increasing output and providing you with enough water when required. Puratek Booster Pumps are manufactured with the high quality components and are both more energy efficient and quieter than many other readily available products. HP-200 Booster pumps can be added to any existing RO/DI system utilizing membranes (or Multi- Membrane units) rated for up to 200 GPD of output.*
- 150 GPD <Systems rated for ≤ 200 GPD
- ¼ “Push to connect fittings
- High Quality Bearings and Brush, Quiet
- Flexible Thromboplastic base to dampen vibration and noise
Technical Data:
- Open flow: 2.75 LPM / 0.73 US-Gallon
- 24VDC – 1.1 A
- Power Supply:
- EU: 230V / 50Hz – Output 2A
- US: 120V / 60Hz – Output 2A
- Dimensions: ~ 190 * 100 * 87mm / 7.48” * 3. 96” * 3.43”
*Important Warning: Always use a pressure gauge to monitor pressure. Extreme pressure can cause the casing to shatter or explode resulting in damage or personal injury.
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