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V2O Rotifers 100g Blister Pack

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FROZEN FOOD Flat Rate $39.99 Shipping Charge - All frozen food is shipped in an extra thick insulated foam box with dry ice. It ships 2 days service or less and will arrive frozen just like you pulled it from the freezer. This keeps the foods protein and nutritional quality in tact. For the time being, we ship Frozen Food orders TUESDAY ONLY. If you order later in the week, we will hold the order and ship out first available frozen shipping day.

V2O Rotifers 100g Blister Cube

Tiny food for corals, filter-feeder invertebrates and fish larvae!
Fresh Frozen Rotifers, Brachionus sp., are the perfect minute diet for filter feeding invertebrates, soft corals, hard corals (sps) and larval fish. The size range of this food item is 80 to 200 microns, or approximately one tenth of millimeter.
INGREDIENTS: Fresh Frozen Rotifers, Brachionus sp., drained of excess water, Potassium ascorbate
(source of Stabilized vitamin C). 

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