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Tunze DOC Skimmer 9410 DC

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DOC Skimmer 9410 DC

Recommended for salt water aquariums up to
1,200 liters (317 US gal.).
Immersion depth from 140 to 240 mm (5.5 to 9.5 in.)
Dimensions without post-filter (L x W x H):
250 x 180 x 415 mm (9.8 x 7.0 x 16.3 in.)
Water flow rate: adjustable up to 1,200 l/h
(317 US gal.)
Air flow performance: adjustable up to 750 l/h
(198 US gal./h)
Energy consumption: up to approx. 29 W
Power supply unit: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Cable length: 3 m up to Turbelle® controller
Skimmer cup volume: 0.7 liters (0.18 US gal.)

Customer Reviews

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Works sometimes May 26, 2019
I’m not bashing Tunze, I love there products. Have other Tunze skimmer.But this one I do not like. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. I had it on a 75 gallon tank with 30 gallon sump for about 2 months. No matter what I can’t get it to skim. I’ve read multiple forums and tried everything. I don’t like this skimmer. Went back to my other Tunze skimmer.
Edit to my prior review Jul 25, 2019
With the help from Roger at Tunze, and a couple of parts I had to change. This skimmer is working 100% now and skimming like a beast. I read reviews online before I purchased it and all were positive. So I reached out to Roger and he corrected the problem. I have several Tunze products and customer service is excellent at Tunze.