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Tunze 7000 Smart Controller

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The TUNZE® SmartController 7000 (1) combines all important functions needed to create natural conditions within the aquarium. It is able to control all Turbelle® electronic. In addition, it also controls TUNZE® LEDs, CO2 valves, as well as switching sockets, for example, for 230 V valves or ozone devices and power outlets for the timed on-switching of lights. The Moonlight Turbelle® 7097.050  can also be controlled by the SmartController 7000 according to the cycle.  In addition, it measures and regulates the temperature, the pH value and Redox values. The settings can be easily performed through a web interface with any WiFi-enabled device which uses a web browser. But even without WiFi it is possible to quickly and easily perform the basic settings via the touch panel.

Scope of delivery

•    SmartController 7000
•    Temperature probe
•    4 control outputs with 4 connection cables each with a length of 1.2 m (47.2 in.)
•    Mounting set 

Suitable for devices with Wi-Fi and browser.  Dimensions without mount (L x W x H): 133 x 33 x 116 mm (5.2 x 1.2 x 4.5 in.) Up to 8 pumps or 8 LED lights are controlled with the separately available Y-cable 7090.300 (7) (not included in the scope of delivery!). Ambient temperature: 0°- 45°C (32° - 113°F)

Technical data
Measurement and control range

with Controlled Power Socket 7070.120, with CO2 Valve Set 7070.200 and pH electrode 7070.110 or pH electrode 7070.100. The measurement is temperature compensated. Measurement and control range: pH 1.5 - 12  Hysteresis: pH +0.02 and -0.05 mV

with Controlled Power Socket 7070.120, with mV electrode 7055.100. Measuring range: -700 - 700 mV Control range: 0 - 500 mV Hysteresis: 0 and 5 mV Settings only possible via WiFi.

with Controlled Power Socket 7070.120. Temperature scale: °C or °F Measurement and control range: 5 - 50°C (41 - 122°F) Hysteresis: 0 to 0.3 °C (0.54°F)


Delivery state
Before each connecting/disconnecting of the connecting cables to a Turbelle® pump or TUNZE®    LED,    always    first    disconnect the power supply from the mains socket and switch it off (14)!

The SmartController 7000 is supplied with 4 cables 7092.300 (15).

One CO2 valve (9) from the Valve Set 7070.200, one switching socket outlet 7070.120 (10), one TUNZE® LED (16) or one Turbelle® pump (17) can be connected to each cable.

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Tunze 7000 Smart Controller Manual