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Tropic Eden Morroca Cocoworm Fish Home Tube - XL

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Tropic Eden
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Tropic Eden Morroca Cocoworm Fish Home Tube - Sm, Med, L, XL
The perfect addition for any tank to create extra areas for fish and critters to hide
and swim in! These nice and natural looking cocoworm tubes have always been
highly sought after by fish, shrimps and critters in coral reef who love to go inside
for a safe hiding place and to take them as home in which they feel relaxed, happy
and secured. They are especially essential for small, timid and newly introduced
fish and shrimps, which effectively and largely reduce mortality due to aggression
from bullies and predators.
Tropic Eden’s Cocoworm tubes are made to blend seamlessly with Morroca reef
rock with a great natural look of coralline algae on the surface. Fish and critters
that in particular love these cocoworm tubes are: all types of gobies, blennies,
wrasses, shrimps, sea cucumber, starfish and others.  Recommended
to be placed near sand bed, mid-level or just any other spots to accommodate the
need of different fish and critters.
• Made of calcium carbonate and inert resin into a sturdy cocoworm tube.
• Safe for all fish and shrimp, free of harmful chemicals.
• Come in four different sizes to accommodate different fish and critters.
• Rough surface promotes colonization of nitrifying bacteria.
• Great for all small and large reef and fish only saltwater aquarium.
Size Approx. Front opening Approx. Rear opening Length
  diameter (inch) diameter (inch) inch
Small (S) ~5/8" ~1/2" ~5-1/2"
Medium (M) ~3/4" ~5/8" ~6-1/4"
Large (L) ~1" ~3/4" ~7-1/2"
Extra Large (XL) ~1-1/4" ~1" ~8-1/4"


Customer Reviews

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My Molly Miller Blenny sleeps in this every night. Jul 15, 2022
Prefers the XL over the L.
Study, looks good right away and is getting aged look fast.
Little bit longer than I would prefer. Check the sizes carefully.