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Seachem - CoralCrete - Purple - 57 g / 2 oz.

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Epoxy adhesive for securing coral to rockwork
Fully cures submerged or emerged within 24 hours
Matches synthetic reef rock
Marine and freshwater
Seachem CoralCrete™ is two-part epoxy putty that can be used to secure coral to rockwork or to fuse together rockwork for more stable foundations in reef aquaria. It has a working time of 5 minutes which allows for plenty of work time while also quickly securing coral or rock. CoralCrete™ is ideal for working with larger colonies of branching coral, most large polyp coral or adhering plating coral to rockwork. CoralCrete™ is safe for aquarium inhabitants when used as directed.
For sensitive skin, wear latex gloves. Cut off desired amount of CoralCrete™. Replace unused CoralCrete™ into plastic storage tube. Remove film and knead CoralCrete™ together until uniform color is achieved. Once mixed, CoralCrete™ can be used to adhere coral or rock, either submerged or emerged. Press firmly around base or contact point of coral or rock to insure CoralCrete™ penetrates pores and surface grooves. Curing begins in about 5 minutes, hardening in about 15 minutes. CoralCrete™ cures fully in 24 hours. Protein Skimmers may over activate during cure time.
How should I store the CoralCrete™ I do not use?
A: When not in use, CoralCrete™ should be stored in the plastic tube it comes packaged in.
Is there a difference between the purple and gray other than color?
A: No, both purple and gray function in the same manner. Simply pick whichever you prefer for your project
Directions state that CoralCrete™ hardens within 15 minutes and fully cures within 24 hours. What's the difference between hardening and curing?
A: After 5 minutes, the hardening process has begun and you have, at most, 10 minutes more of working time. The 15 minute hardening means that, at that point, the piece is set; the material is no longer malleable, and you will no longer be able to work with it (it may be possible to pull pieces apart, but you will not be able to reposition them). While you can no longer work with it, chemical processes are still occurring as it continues to harden further. Curing means that after 24 hours, all chemical processes are complete and the material is essentially rock hard.

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