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Reef-Labs ICP Test Kit

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The ICP Lab
We help you to improve the quality and health of the corals in your aquarium
At Reef Labs Inc, "The ICP lab", we have the goal of providing laboratory grade ICP water testing with exceptional accuracy, fast turnaround, and best in class ease of use.  
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Why Test?
Temperature, pH, alkalinity, and food sources are only part of the foundation of thriving corals.  The elemental composition of your water plays an equally important role.
Being proactive is  important.  Knowing what elements your system consumes, and at what rate, is essential for understanding your system's needs.  Contrary to belief, there is no "one size fits all" dosing regimen as each system is as unique as your fingerprint.
Testing regularly can ensure your system is stable, free of harmful elemental concentrations, and without problematic deficiencies in vital trace elements.  If you wait until you observe a problem, it may already be too late.  Protect the vitality and health of the corals in your aquarium by not leaving the quality of your water to chance!
ICP Elemental Water Test Kit
ICP Water Test Kit analyzing 35+ elements with exceptional accuracy down to the parts per billion. The kit includes tubes for collecting the water sample, a sample return package, and a prepaid label to send your samples to the lab.  We test for the following chemical elements: Al, As, B, Ba, Be, Bi, Br, Ca, Cd, Cl, Co, Cr, Cs, Cu, Fe, Ga, I, In, K, Li, Mg, Mn, Mo, Na, Ni, P, Pb, Rb, S, Se, Si, Sr, Tl, U, V, Zn.
36 Elements analyzed
6 Days average turnaround
98% Typical accuracy
We started out as reefers just like you, and we've experienced all the frustrations and painful mistakes that we all experience in the pursuit of keeping our marine life happy and thriving.  Our passion for growing coral and marine life led us to reimagine water testing in a way that opens the door to new potentials in your reef.  
Our first step was to identify thought leaders in the aquaculture industry to meaningfully shape and advise our testing services in a way that provides guidance to our customers without losing flexibility or independence from a particular reef keeping method.  We aim to provide you, our customer, with exceptional results, and proven successful practices without being locked into expensive or difficult to use products that may not have your goals as their top priority.
We wouldn't have been able to achieve our goal without the thoughtful and insightful guidance provided by our industry collaborators and their decades of experience in all aspects of aquaculture and marine science. Their continued input helps us to ensure that we'll continue to grow and enhance our testing products in every way possible.

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