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Reef Factory Dosing Pump Large

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Reef Factory Dosing Pump Large

Modern smart devices - apart from the traditional functionalities offered by other products, deliver numerous improvements in aquarium management, ensure safety and give access to important information, safeguarding the health of the animals kept in your marine aquarium.
Dosing pump Large - flow in liters
The pump has been designed for a bigger amount of liquids. You can set as low as 0,01 l but we recommend a single dose 0.3L.
Thanks to modern technologies, you can control the pump remotely, easily change dosages, see how much liquid / water has been added and how much will be added on a given day. The device also informs you how much liquid is left in the container. 
Technical specifications:
accuracy: 0.01 L
recommended single dose: 0.3 L 
water flow per minute 1 L
number of pumps heads included: 1
remote management capability: YES
dose percentage increase
extra amount adding in time feature 
quick configuration
level liquid container indicator with alarms
dosings history 
schedule import / export
manual dose
Data can be previewed online and the device can be configured via a browser on a laptop or an application on a smartphone or tablet. The dosing view is clearly displayed. After connecting the device to the Smart Reef system, you will be able to receive text/push/email notifications directly to your phone.
We recommend the pump for work with larger amounts of water or liquid. In practice you can use the pumps for automatic water changing. It is also a very interesting alternative for a typical automatic evaporated refill system if you calculate how much RO water is added daily to the system you can set it up and dose via Dosing pump Large. 
Very interesting usage of the pump can be with Level keeper when you set up Dosing pump Large for evaporated water and Level keeper for salt water. So when saltwater is taken out, Level keeper will automatically add the same amount of salt water. This can be very helpful for stores and other commercial facilities. When salt water is removed from  the system the pump will add the same amount  back to the system. 

Customer Reviews

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Solid pump, but frustrating setup Dec 29, 2023
This pump has huge horsepower to deliver water. I've used multiple peristaltic pumps to delivery 2-4 gallons makeup rodi water daily, and they never last. This pump has more power than all of them combined (litermeter 3, kamoer, and commercial laboratory pumps). It's for the most part quiet during operation, and spits out 600 ml/30 seconds. Can't comment on longevity, but for what I bet the pump tubing will last a long time as it doesn't take much "on time" to deliver what is necessary. The achilles heel of this pump is the programming. It took > 10 attempts to try to register and set up the pump. I assume all reef factory equipment must be the same way as the app allows set up of all their devices. I'd probably get it again, but knowing how bad the app functions I'd probably strongly look at the versa pump. Of note, I needed to downsize the output to 1/4 tubing, and was able to do it with several reducing lines I had on hand. Reducing output doesn't appear to negatively impact output, but higher velocity of output results.