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Real Reef Frag Rock- 50 pack

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Real Reef
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Real Reef Frag Rock Bucket - 50 Random Pieces
Whether using in your tank, or for selling at your local frag swap, stand out from the cookie cutter frag plugs with this new real reef products offers a fantastic new and realistic look for mounting your corals, allowing it to blend in much better with your existing rock.   This is a great new item that compliments Real Reef and the Coral Fragging revolution. 

Real Reef Made In The U.S.A.
Real Reef is 100% made and grown in the U.S.A. Here at Real Reef we feel it’s critical that we support and buy American made products when ever we can! It’s good for the U.S. economy, security and the American people. Innovation, farming and manufacturing should always start at home first. Real Reef is an American made product, which is sold here and exported to countries around the world. Real Reef is an example for the World, how America can be an environmental leader with innovative eco friendly products. Help conserve the Coral Reefs, while securing and creating jobs here and abroad.
It is products like Real Reef that continue to set the tone and raise the bar for a sustainable aquarium trade. It proves that aquacultured eco friendly products can be profitable and viable, even for our overseas partners. Every sold piece of wild coral rock encourages and promotes our overseas suppliers to continually damage one of the few resources they have. A habitat resource that needs to be nurtured and farmed, not strip mined, crow barred, boxed and shipped.
What example are we leading the world by? America is only interested in exploiting your resource? Ship pieces of your Island habitat and we will give you money? Let’s lead by example and send a message that farming the reefs and protecting your resource is in your best interest and the Worlds! Without healthy reefs, how will our overseas suppliers ever be able to catch next year’s crop of baby coral, fish and inverts for future aquarists? I know of no sustainable Fishery practice or conservation method that advocates the taking and removing of the very habitat that grows the very resource which brings in revenue for the country of origin. Simply….. buy responsible and support aquaculture and sustainable collected marine life here and abroad when ever possible. The future of the Marine Aquarium hobby starts with you!
The History Of Real Reef Mfg.
The idea of sustainable environmentally friendly products is not new to the Real Reef team. In the early 90′s, the owners shared a common dream to farm Live Rock in Mexico. Upon hundreds of long road trips to some of Baja Mexico’s most remote barren shores, the conception of sustainable environmental products for the marine aquarium trade became a uniting mission for the team. From 1993-1999 they operated a marine collection facility in Mexico, which supplied marine wholesaler’s world wide.
What started off as a bunch of like minded surfers from La Jolla, California, dreaming about farming live rock in Mexico, to becoming a truly innovative green product sold in retailer’s World wide. Like we say here at Real Reef, “Saving The Worlds Reefs One Piece at a Time”! Like an old wise man told me once, “Take the fruit, but don’t chop the tree down. It’s a pretty simple outlook on how to manage and nurture our reefs for the future. Let’s enjoy the fruit of the reef, but not take and destroy the very reef habitat that produces those fruit. There are a lot of nice reef breaks to surf in the future, and I would like to take my son to Fiji for a surf and diving vacation. No reef, no waves, no fish and coral in the natural environment for future generations to enjoy.
This short time line just scratches the surface of what three partners who shared a common vision endured during the last 18 years. I look forward to writing a book someday to include all of our adventures. It has been quite an interesting journey to say the least, and always walking that fine line of risk, danger and reward. An adventurous group of hard working guys with big hearts, that embrace and live the American entrenpurial spirit everyday.
- Mark Lamont

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