Neptune Crossover Diet
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Most of you already know that one of our latest products is the AFS (Automatic Feeding System). What you might not be aware of is that there is a food available that is specially designed for the AFS.
Of course the AFS was designed to feed almost any correctly-sized pellet or flake food. But the ideal food for the AFS is the Crossover Diet pellet food by Neptune Systems.

We’ve worked closely with Reed Mariculture to come up with exclusive new food based on their TDO Chroma Boost that would dispense in consistent quantities from the AFS and bring out the vibrant colors in your fish. Not only that, our proprietary Crossover Diet pellets have food for both your fish AND corals. A micro-film of coral food is applied to the surface of every pellet during manufacturing. When these pellets are dispensed by the AFS, this micro-coral-food is dispersed upon contact with the water and then the pellets sink for the fish to consume. Even if you do not have a coral reef tank, this food is beneficial other micro-fauna in your tank. The AFS along with our Crossover Diet pellets are the all-in-one feeding solution for your aquarium.

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