Maxspect Turbine Duo 9K Pump
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Maxspect Turbine Duo 9K

Single Input/Single Output: Max Flow 2,500gph | Max Head 9ft | 8~42 watts
Dual Input/Single Output: Max Flow 2,250gph | Max Head 7.5ft | 8~70 watts
Dual Input/Dual Output: Max Flow 2,500gph | Max Head 8ft | 8~65 watts

The First Expandable Water Pump

The Maxspect Turbine Duo is the first expandable water pump available for the freshwater and marine industry. It is capable of simple single input/output configurations but the Turbine dual is fully upgradable to a dual input/output for additional flow reaching 2500gph!

Versatile and Multi-purpose
The dual output design makes the Turbine Duo an ideal pump for multi-purpose applications such as a return pump(s), feed manifolds, media reactors, chillers, UV, etc

Compact Performance
The Turbine Duo can be configured in three separate setup configurations. Replace two pumps with one or break down the pump to a ultra compact powerhouse using far less space within your sump.

Outstanding Efficiency
The Turbine Duo offers high performance while consuming less energy than the competition.

Complete Set of Accessories
Installation could not be more convenient. Each Turbine Duo comes with a complete set of adapters and accessories for simple to install to almost any system right out of the box.

Included Fittings

Intake x2: Intake screens w/ shield, 1in PVC slip fitting, nut, seal
Output x2: 3/4in PVC slip fitting, 1/2-3/4 tansitional barb fitting, 1-1 1/4 stepped barbfitting, nut, seal
Y-Tubing: Y Tube, 1in PVC slip fitting, 1-1 1/4in stepped barb fitting, nut, seal
Dual Outlet: Volute, Propeller


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