MarineLand Reef LED Light 48" - Brand New Closeout
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Brand New Clearance StockĀ - this was found in the warehouse, it's unopened brand new merchandise, but it's been sitting around for couple of years, so manufacture probably won't honor the warranty on it. So we are selling AS IS, guaranteed to work out of box, but AS IS after that.

Marineland Reef Capable LED System

Adjustable to fit 48" to 60" wide aquariums.
Correct spectral output and intensity for Reef Aquariums
Specially designed polycarbonate lens to maximize light penetration within the aquarium
Mimics the effect of natural sunlight by providing a pinpoin light source that enhances the shawdow effect provided by water agitation on the surface of the aquarium.
Three mode switch for all on, all off, or lunar (night) light
Integrated heat sink pulls heat awar from the LEDs and aquarium.
1W 10,000k Whites / 460 nm blue LED's

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