Lifegard Intelli-Feed Aquarium Fish Feeder
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Designed to keep moisture out of food container...for trouble free operation.

Sealed container moves forward...rotates and drops desired amount of food...returns back into housing...keeps moisture out and food dry.

This revolutionary breakthrough finally overcomes the moisture damage to fish foods normally experienced with most automatic feeders on the market. Designed for external use with salt or freshwater aquariums...the INTELLI-FEED is pre-programmed for 2 feedings per day (8AM and 6PM), with possible settings of up to 12 feedings daily...depending on the number of fish in aquarium.
Flake or pellet fish food is protected from humidity rising from aquarium. Powered by 4 AA batteries or an optional 6 volt power adapter...the INTELLI-FEED includes a versatile tank mounting bracket, rubber suction feet and simple digital keyboard instructions.

Automatic and Digitally Controlled.
Program up to 12 daily feedings depending on number of fish in aquarium.
Manually push SET button to feed anytime.
Easy to program digital keyboard with LED display.
Includes tank mounting bracket and rubber suction feet.

Holds 7.5 cubic inches of food
4.53"L X 3.07"W X 3.66"H


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