JNS Calcium Reactor - Nano
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Calcium Reactor - Nano

The JNS Calcium Reactor Nano is the perfect piece of equipment to provide your reef with optimal calcium and alkalinity levels and promote healthy coral growth. The Nano reactor works in conjunction with CO2(not included) to slowly and efficiently dissolve calcium carbonate reactor media to both replenish and maintain calcium and alkalinity levels. Included is a clear cast acrylic CO2 bubble counter, PH probe holder for a PH monitor, SICCE Syncra silent 0.5 pump, and high-quality regulator valves. The Calcium Reactor Nano is simple to set up, clean and operate. This piece of equipment is highly recommended for any reef aquarium hobbyist, and is sure to result in fantastic coral growth. Footprint - 7" x 4.1" / Height - 15.35"

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