Icecap Salinity/Temperature Digital Pocket Tester
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Salinity/Temperature Digital Pocket Tester

Salinity and Temperature
SG | PPT | °F

Eliminate the Uncertainty Associated with Mechanical Refractometers

The IceCap Digital Pocket Tester is a portable, rugged, water resistant device that utilizes electric conductivity to determine the specific gravity/salinity of natural and artificial seawater. Within seconds, the salinity and temperature are measured and visually displayed on the easy to read backlit LCD screen. Unit no longer comes with sample cup.

    High Resolution Salinity Measurement
    Automatic Temperature Compensation
    Water Temperature Reading
    Large Backlit LCD Display

IceCap Salinity/Temp Pocket Tester Specifications

SG: 1.000 ~ 1.041
PPT Range: 0-50
PSU: 0-60
Temperature: 32-176°F

SG: 0.0001
PPT: 1 PSU: 1
Temperature: 0.1°F

SG: ±0.001
PPT: ±2
PSU: ±2
Temperature: ±1.5°F

Power: 2 AAA Batteries

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