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IceCap Large Skimmer Stand 11x9

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IceCap Adjustable Skimmer Stands

Give Your Skimmer a Lift

The IceCap Skimmer Stand makes it easy to raise protein skimmers to ideal water levels. Provides an extremely solid platform for the skimmer to rest on. Adjustable to 4.75" / 5"/ 6.25" increments or flip the legs and adjust to 4" / 4.5" / 5.75" heights.

Available in three sizes:
Small 7 x 6in Skimmer Stand
Medium 9 x 7in Skimmer Stand
Large 11 x 9in Skimmer Stand

Adjustable Heights:
Small - 3"/3.25"/3.7"/4"/4.5"
Medium - 3"/3.5"/3.75"/4"/4.5"
Large - 4"/4.5"/4.75"/5"/5.75"/6.25"

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