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Giesemann Matrixx II 4x54w T5 Fixture - Bluetooth Dimmable

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The Giesemann MATRIXX T5 fixture offers an attractive mix of high-level output, value and impressive elegance. Available in a bluetooth controllable MATRIXX DIMTEC DIMMABLE T5 fixture. Offered in diamond black or pure gloss white. Default Color will be black.  Call to check availability on the pure gloss white.
Stylish Corrosion Resistant Anodized Aluminum Fixture
Tough High Gloss Twin Layer Powder Coat Finish
Independent Reflector for Each T5 Tube
Three Light Circuits Can be Switched Independently
Non flickering lamp start
Full Electronic German Ballast with Non Flickering Lamp Start
Fully Controllable with Built-in Bluetooth*
*Only DIMTEC models are capable of Bluetooth control. (Title will say bluetooth dimmable)

Optimized Ventilation - Passive and Active Cooling**
**MATRIXX II 4-tube version is active cooling only- no fans.
The Latest in T5 Lighting Innovation
For many people, the aquarium holds an intrinsic fascination of a colorful underwater world that looks as if it was lifted right out of nature. One of the most versatile ways of presenting your aquarium in a favorable light is with the brand new MATRIXX II... The latest in T5 lighting innovation. The Giesemann Matrix Series takes full account of your lighting requirements, accommodating fixture lengths, mounting option as well as an array of different colored Giesemann T5 Lamps.
"...the most versatile way of presenting your
aquarium in a favorable light..."
The MATRIXX-II and MATRIXX-II DIMTEC use an outer chassis constructed of heavy duty extruded and formed aluminum alloy and all the components are hand assembled before being topped off with an exquisite upper glass panel.
The outer chassis is also coated in a tough anti-corrosion anodized silver finish, or painted in high gloss pure white. Each element that makes up the outer chassis is painted or anodized pre-production to ensure that all faces (including joints and internal faces) are completely protected to limit salt or water ingression to reduce the risks of corrosion over extended use even in the most demanding situations. A high quality acrylic splash screen is used to ensure both the tubes and high-efficiency reflectors are protected from splashing or spray from air stones or surface-located pumps.
Where many manufactures often use cheaper ballasts and other materials to keep costs down, Giesemann understand that price is nothing without reliability. Each MATRIXX-II and MATRIXX-II DIMTEC is assembled using only the finest quality materials, from lamp holders and wiring right up to the high-quality German-made Phillips ballasts that are chosen for durability, stability and reliable output.
Each T5 lamp seats within a dedicated highly polished aluminum reflector that is 99.8% reflective and profiled to offer the very best possible transfer of light evenly back to the aquarium. Each MATRIX fixture is capable of lighting aquariums up to 30" deep while running cooler than metal halide lighting. The MATRIX fixtures can be can be easily configured to any desired color temperature by simply changing individual lamps. 
When designing any light fixture, temperature control is a crucial factor to not only maintain lifespan of the components and lamps, but also to maintain output performance. If ran too hot, the lamps lifespan and output is reduced costing the user money. If ran too cold, the lamp won't reach optimum operating temperature resulting in lowered performance.
The MATRIXX-II and MATRIXX-II DIMTEC use both passive and active cooling.*
Passive cooling occurs by direct heat transfer to the aluminum outer chassis and upper glass panel that acts as an inbuilt heat diffuser. Active cooling and air circulation is provided by two inbuilt super quiet fans. Due to these extra details in craftsmanship, the MATRIX-II and MATRIXX-II DIMTEC run at the perfect operating temperature, ensuring good lamp lifespan and optimum output.
*Matrixx II 4 tube version has no fans and uses active cooling only.
Depending on the number of tubes in the unit, the standard MATRIXX-II comes with separate power cords to control groups of lamps. Independent times can then be set to recreate sunrise/sunset by way of using simple segment or digital wall timers, or an aquarium controller switchable plug-bar to control each bank of lamps.
Just like the FUTURA-S, the MATRIXX-II DIMTEC use class-leading control software which takes what we know about T5 lighting to another level.
The DIMTEC incorporates full Bluetooth connectivity to a range of devices including MAC/Windows PC, smart phones and tablets running Android software. Create full "dawn-to-dusk" effects with smooth transitions, lunar cycles and weather simulations.
Standard Non Dimmable Matrix II T5 Lighting Fixture
Model Optimum Water Depth - Tropical Tank Optimum Water Depth - Marine Tank Length/Width Rated Power
MTX504 4x24w 24" 22" 25.6x12.2" 98w
MTX604 4x39w 24" 22" 37.4x10.2" 159w
MTX606 6x39w 24" 22" 37.1x10.2" 238w
MTX704 4x54w 24" 22" 49.2x17.1" 221w
MTX706 6x54w 24" 22" 49.2x17.1" 329w
MTX708 8x54w 24" 22" 49.2x17.1" 442w
DIMTEC Controllable T5 Lighting Fixtures (Bluetooth Dimmable)
Model Optimum Water Depth - Tropical Tank Optimum Water Depth - Marine Tank Length/Width Rated Power
MTX614 4x39w 24" 22" 37.4x10.2" 159w
MTX616 6x39w 24" 22" 37.1x10.2" 238w
MTX714 4x54w 24" 22" 49.2x17.1" 221w
MTX816 6x54w 24" 22" 49.2x17.1" 329w
MTX718 8x54w 24" 22" 49.2x17.1" 442w
T5 tubes also gain an advantage as they produce their optimum lumen output at higher temperatures compared to older technology T8 tubes which typically produce their highest output at 25°C. A recent study by Giesemann showed that the optimum ambient operating temperature for T5 tubes was found to be at around 35°C, a much more realistic operating temperature for a reef tank luminaire and the temperature that the new MATRIXX with its passive cooling technology is designed to run without the use of active cooling fans. Nevertheless, each MATRIXX II 8-tube version is equipped with 2 noiseless fans on top of the glass panel. Equally tubes that are cooled to temperatures below the optimum also suffer a lumen output that’s lower than expected. The MATRIXX lighting unit also incorporates extremely efficient reflector technology meaning that more light is reflected into the aquarium rather than back at the tube. Light that’s reflected back at the tube can increase its working temperature resulting in reduced lumen output.

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