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Fritz FixIck (16 oz) Treatment for Ick & External Parasites

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Fritz FixIck is a revolutionary new way to treat aquatic external parasites including Ick, Chilodonella, Trichodina and Tetrahymena. As one of the most common diseases most aquarists will encounter, finding an Ick treatment that is simple, safe, and highly effective can be difficult. Fritz FixIck does not contain formaldehyde, a common active in many ick treatments. Formaldehyde will cause damage to gills and internal organs, which can result in additional stress and fish loss. One of the active ingredients in Fritz FixIck is Gentian Violet, which gives it a recognizable purple hue. This compound is much gentler than malachite green based treatments. Also improving on previous treatments, Fritz FixIck has been shown to be effective at killing Ick parasites with a simple quick-dose system, with no reinfection after one week. Due to Fritz FixIck’s additional antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, some secondary infections may also prevented with no additional medications, resulting in even higher recovery rates.
FixIck is not recommended in systems with fresh or saltwater invertebrates, or coral.
Directions & Dosage
Before Dosing: Adjust temperature to 82 - 85°F. This accelerates the life cycle of the parasites and ensures maximum exposure to the treatment.
Treatment Schedule: Shake well before each dose.
Day 1: Add 5 ml (1 tsp) per 10 U.S. gallons (38 L)
Day 2: Add 5 ml (1 tsp) per 10 U.S. gallons (38 L)
Day 3: Perform a 25 to 30% water change
Day 4: Add 5 ml (1 tsp) per 10 U.S. gallons (38 L)
Day 5: Add 5 ml (1 tsp) per 10 U.S. gallons (38 L)
Day 6: Perform a 25 to 30% water change.
If necessary, you may perform a second six-day course of treatment. If no further symptoms are observed, replace chemical filtration and resume use of protein skimmers as well as normal feeding. Adjust temperature back to normal.
For best results, use FixIck in a quarantine tank
Shake well before use
Remove activated carbon and ion-exchange resins during treatment. Discontinue use of skimmer or UV sterilizer during treatment
Do not perform water changes during treatment if possible. If water changes are necessary, treat replacement water with FixIck.
Can be used full strength with scaleless fish
If fish are eating, feed lightly during treatment.
May cause staining of some ornaments, remove while medication is in the water
No contraindications: can be used with all of our other products and meds
NOT SAFE FOR USE WITH INVERTEBRATES including: corals, snails, shrimp, clams, other crustaceans or molluscs; remove these types of livestock before dosing
Easy measuring: the 8 oz and 16 oz bottle caps are approximately 5 mL volume
Overdosed? Observe livestock for distress, perform small water changes if needed

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