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Finnex TH-U 800W Titanium Heating Tube and Digital Controller Kit

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The HC-0810M Finnex controller offers a precision digital control with LED digital display which maintains water temperatures at a constant level protecting your livestock from temperature fluctuations.  Easily adjustable high/low temperature settings with an audio alert separates this aquarium heater controller from the rest of the competition. Also setting these controllers from Finnex competitors, have ease of mind as this controller features a dual relay inter-work, doubling the protection, disabling heating in case of over heating. This advanced controller carries three prong power receptables that work well with all Finnex Titanium Tubes as well as other brand's heating elements as well.  For the utmost advanced aquarium, the digital Finnex heater controller fits right in.  Please direct to information below for further specifications.
Voltage - 100-120V
Range - 0-99deg F
Accuracy - +/- 2deg F
Max Load - 800 Watts
Overload Fuse - 10A
Memory - YES

Introducing the Titanium Finnex Heaters—a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize your aquarium experience. Crafted with unparalleled corrosion resistance, these heaters defy the odds, significantly extending their lifespan even in the face of saltwater challenges. Say goodbye to fragility; these virtually unbreakable titanium tubes outshine standard glass aquariums, ensuring durability that stands the test of time. The ultra-heating titanium element creates a stable temperature environment within your aquarium, eliminating the stress-inducing temperature swings that can affect your precious aquatic life. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater setups, these heaters seamlessly integrate with other controllers accepting 3-prong heating elements, providing versatility and ease of use. The titanium heating element is thoughtfully encased in a protective heater guard, shielding your aquatic inhabitants and surrounding equipment from potential harm. Elevating the user experience, the new THU Deluxe Titanium Series comes equipped with suction cups, enabling you to secure the titanium element in your preferred locations with ease. The THU Finnex Titanium heater also incorporates an internal fuse for your home's safety. Should the tube be exposed to open air for an extended amount of time, the fuse with permanently disable the heater - preventing potential fire hazardous situations. Please Note: While these heaters excel in standard aquarium use, we advise against their use in extraordinary setups such as applications outside typical aquarium environments, basement or garage setups, ponds, outdoor use, greenhouses, and extreme temperature conditions. For optimal performance, additional heating units may be required in larger setups. Trust in the Titanium Finnex Heaters to redefine the boundaries of aquarium care, providing unparalleled reliability and peace of mind.


Model Wattage Amp Tank Rating Cord Length Heating Tube Length
300S 300 2.7 40-80G 74" 10"
500S 500 4.5 70-130G 73.5" 14"
800S 800 9.0 140-265G 73" 16.5"


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Finnex Titanium Aquarium Heater and Controller