Eshopps AZU-100 Reef Sump
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To celebrate 15 years of excellence, Eshopps has released a new deluxe line for the RS-Series starting with the AZU-100. The ASU Series enables you to replace your marine tank into overdrive with a Reef Sumps that has many features which are incomparable in the market.
II. Features
Adjustable skimmer water level from 6-11
2 lids to prevent water from splashing
Blue bulkhead, PVC Pipe and 7” Micron Bag
Translucent blue color bracing
Removable tray use for heater or media bag
3 Probe holder
3x .25” holes for dosing lines
2x 1-1/8” holes for return tubing
Water level markings allow easy setup of skimmer usage
Wire holder
III. Specifications
Dimensions: 24x14x14
Skimmer Compartment: 9x12
Return Compartment: 4.5x12
Tank usage: up to 100g
Total water volume: 17g
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