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Eshopps AF-300 Alpha Sump

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Be Confident with ESHOPPS ALPHA-CLASS, ALPHA-FUGE Refugium designed for the Advanced Hobbyist incorporating ESHOPPS unique Triple Water Channel Design and an easy access Filter Sock w/ a clear removable lid. The ALPHA-FUGE Refugium Sump features a Large Protein Skimmer compartment with Dosing Tubes and a Probe Holder Cradle. In addition, a large Return Pump compartment with built in water level ATO Float Valve and a Hang on Multi-Purpose Media Tray. The Multi-Purpose Media Tray can be used as a in sump passive media filter. Additionally, the Refugium compartment has a removable ALGAE-BLOCKER panel along with a built in Bubble Trap with easy change Mini Filter Sponge. Be Confident that the ALPHA-FUGE Refugium Sump will meet all the demands an Advanced Hobbyist can dream of.
  • Large Return Pump compartment w/ built in ATO Float Valve
  • ESHOPPS Triple Water Channel Design (ECD. Patent Pending)
  • Large Skimmer Compartment & Viewable Refugium compartment
  • Removable Refugium Algae-Blocker
  • Built-in Dosing Tubes & Probe Holder Cradle
  • Hang on Multi-Purpose Media Tray
  • Easy change Bubble Trap Mini Filter Sponge
  • Quiet Operation
Dimensions 36x16x16"
Skimmer Compartment 14x15.5"
Refugium Compartment 14x15.5"
Return Compartment 8x15.5"
Tank Usage 225-300g
Filter Socks 7"
Removable Media Tray 3x3"
Total Water Volume 38
Max Sump Flow Rate 2000gph

Customer Reviews

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Better Than Expected!! Nov 26, 2020
Being a relatively new product, there were not many reviews available. However, it ticked all the right boxes, so I thought I’d give it a try. It has been a pleasant surprise at every step along the way. The drain section is in the center of the sump. This made plumbing much more compact. As always, advance planning is required to get the primary, secondary and emergency drains configured for best ease of use. From the drain section, water is directed in 3 different directions. One is to the refugium, where a gentle flow is generated. Another is to the LARGE skimmer section. A third is directed to a triple chamber media basket that can hold carbon or other media. I use carbon in all 3 chambers. The return section is large, and I use a Vectra M2 as my return. Included in the return chamber is a float valve for an ATO. I debated whether to use the float valve or a pump. Currently I’m using the float valve, and so far so good.

My two wishes is that if Eshopps is including a gravity-fed ATO, they should include a way to add a reservoir above the return chamber. Maybe some kind of “frame” that you could set a reservoir into. Also, they include a clear lid over the drain section. It would be nice of life’s could be configured for the other sections as well.

Also, when considering a light for the refugium, keep in mind that most lights cover an area larger than the fuge in this sump. I went with the ReefBreeders Pico. I’ll update with results.