DeepBlue Biomaxx 10/30g Replacement Filter Cartridge - 3pk
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3Pk Multi-Stage Power Filter Cartridge
Deep Blue Professional BioMaxx Medium Power Filter Cartridge 3Pk BioMaxx Medium (10/30) Power Filter Cartridge 3-Pack BioMaxx Power filter cartridges are the ultimate in performance and convenience.  The multi-layer polyfiber outer shell traps debris and organic particles, while the premium carbon inside absorbs dissolved contaminants, odors, toxins and discoloration.  The rigid frame incorporates a media-grid design that ensures even distribution of the carbon granules.  The one-piece sealed design allows for quick and easy cartridge replacement, while the convenient top handle keeps hands clean and dry during filter maintenance.  The BioMaxx Medium cartridge fits BioMaxx 10 and 30 filters, and also fits Tetra Whisper and Topfin power filters too.
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