Current USA Single Ramp LED Timer
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Wake your fish naturally
Inspired by mother nature, the Ramp Timer™ is a fully programmable 24-hour LED lighting controller that not only turns your lights on and off, but it also simulates a gentle sunrise and sunset for your critters. Drawing on our years of expertise in both fresh and marine aquarium product development, we’ve designed an extremely simple to use lighting controller which slowly acclimates animals to the high brightness that LEDs produce. This slow acclimation helps reduce stress often caused by sudden light intensity changes and provides a more natural rhythmic daily light cycle.

Wake, sleep, do it all again
At the pre-programmed “on” time, the Ramp Timer™ slowly begins to mimic a morning sunrise and gently increases the lighting level to full brightness over a period of 15 minutes. When the programmed “off” time is reached, it gradually dims the light over 15 minutes before turning off, simulating a soft dusk to night effect. By mimicking dawn and dusk, your animals are provided a soothing adjustment to full brightness and complete darkness, helping to prevent any sudden or stressful light shock. The next day, the schedule starts all over again, creating a natural circadian rhythm to the 24-hour light-dark cycle.

Control in seconds
A push button keypad provides an effortless way to pre-program on/off times and the large LCD display is easy on the eyes. Simply program your desired on and off times and choose between two modes: on/off or on/off with a 15 minute ramp up and dim down. A manual button even allows you to turn your lights on or off instantly. Widely compatible, the Ramp Timer™ works with TrueLumen LED Lights which are 12-24VDC using a standard DC plug. Simply plug the timer inline, program, and your done! An internal memory even stores your pre-programmed times in case of power failure.

Voltage: 12-24VDC
Max. Wattage: 84 watts @ 24VDC / 42 watts @ 12VDC
Dimensions: 3.25” x 0.75” x 2.25”
Cable Length: 6”
Dimming Type: PWM
Connector: DC Plug 2.5mm x 5mm
Channels: 1

Features    Single Ramp Timer
Digital 24 Hour Clock    Yes
Programmable On Time    Yes
Programmable Off Time    Yes
Manual On/Off    Yes
15 Minute Fade Up/Down    Yes
Instant On/Off, No Fade    Yes
Memory for Power Outage    Yes
Preprogrammed Light Cycle    Yes

Compatible LED Lights    Single Ramp Timer
Satellite+ LED Fixture    ON/OFF Only
Satellite LED Fixture    ON/OFF Only
TrueLumen Pro Kits    Yes
TrueLumen Pro Strips    Yes
TrueLumen Strips    Yes
TrueLumen Lunar Lights    Yes
Panorama Marine    Yes
Panorama Actinic Blue    Yes
Panorama Pro LED    Yes
Stunner LED Strips    Yes

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