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Coralvue HYDROS Rope Leak Sensor

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The HYDROS Leak Detection Rope Sensor is the first of its kind in the aquarium industry. The moment water comes into contact with it, that information can be used to alert you on your smartphone, sound an alarm, turn pumps off, and other actions that can protect your aquarium, home, or office from a total disaster.
A problem with traditional solid surface leak sensors is that you have to buy several to really feel a sense of security. What are the odds water will pool in the exact spot where a single sensor sits?
Another solution we've come up with is a rope-style water sensor. You can wrap it around your aquarium, sump, stand, or wherever else you like. This type of sensor makes a lot more sense when you want leak detection security in a wider area. You can configure the HYDROS app to perform whatever action(s) you want to happen when a leak is detected: flash a specific light color on your HYDROS controller, turn off a pump, shut down your protein skimmer, send you a mobile alert so you can come home (or ask a friend to check on the tank). It’s easy to do and you’re in control.
Just plug the rope sensor into a Sense Port on your HYDROS device. Next, place the rope flat on the surface where liquid detection is desired. If tape is required to hold the rope in place, be sure to only apply it on the ends. You want to expose as much of the sensor as possible for maximum protection. Once the rope sensor is in place, it is very important to test it to ensure it's working properly. To perform a test, open the HYDROS app on your mobile device and configure the Sense port so the rope sensor is on. Drip a bit of tap water across the rope sensor so the black and white sensing cables come into contact with the liquid. Monitor the sensor's status in the HYDROS app to see check if it's reading is dry or wet. If everything looks good, you're done! Dry the cable and you're ready to configure alerts and equipment to take take action if a leak occurs.
You don't have to occupy another Sense port to secure a larger area. HYDROS Leak Detection Rope Sensors can be daisy-chained together to form a larger perimeter for protection. Got a big tank? You can lengthen the line of defense to lasso around your large aquarium by simply connecting multiple rope sensors together. Leak detector ropes do not need an additional power source, even if you connect them together. Rope leak detectors do not occupy outlets on power strips or require a HYDROS Drive port connection to operate.
HYDROS Leak Detection Rope Sensors offer users 24/7 remote monitoring. Be instantly notified at the first sign of a leak so you can prevent a flood. Tap into the HYDROS app to immediately check the status of water parameters, equipment, power strips, and smart plugs. Make decisions based on real-time data to take appropriate corrective actions from anywhere and at any time.
10 Ways You Can Use a HYDROS Leak Detector Rope
Place it alongside your aquarium
Line it outside of your sump
Wrap it around a reactor
Lay it on the floor in an open area
Fit it into a hard-to-read corner
Wrap around plumbing pipes
Mount it to a controller board
Use it in your mixing station
Affix it to water supply and return lines
Remotely in your garage, bathroom, basement, laundry room, kitchen, or wherever you make 
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