ME Coral High Capactiy GFO 4X
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Granular Ferric Oxide (Gfo) is the only chemical utilized by most sophisticated reefers to reduce Phosphates (PO4).  ME HIGH CAPACITY GFO 4X is 4 times more effective at removing phosphate from seawater than regular GFO.   Gfo 4x will produce less dust than regular GFO,  and will not release toxic substances back into the aquarium once exhausted.  Elevated PO4 levels bring undesirable algae of all types and colors. These high levels are also detrimental to coral growth and color. This is the area that is typically the biggest struggle for many aquarist. Natural Seawater has PO4 levels below .01.

We suggest a Phosphate target rate of .02-.05 with some arguing lower levels are better. Please test with a reliable test kit. Gfo is typically used in a media reactor, but a media bag in the sump will work, just not as effective as water does not contact every side of the granules. Remember to change the media as needed. Use 1 cup per 200-250 gal of aquarium water. Net wt 225g.

Tip:  Phosphate are typically introduced into our aquariums via the foods we feed.  Please use quality food (read the ingredients) and do not over feed.  Over feeding is the number one cause of high PO4 issues.  Remember—-The reduction of input, as well as the proper export of po4 via gfo or gfo4x will help us reach our po4 target level.

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