Cobalt Aquatics Reef Complete 12.5 oz
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Superior Pollutant and Nitrate Removal for Marine Aquariums
Specifically formulated for marine and reef aquariums, Cobalt Aquatics' Complete Reef combines Ultra Carbon granules, Total Organics and Total Nitrate high capacity ion-exchanging resins for powerful organic, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, and metal removal without negatively affecting calcium, magnesium, or alkalinity. Designed to be a cost effective broad spectrum media for saltwater aquariums, Complete Reef removes pollutants that live rock and protein skimmers alone do not.
Will treat the following aquariums for up to 1 month:
7.5 oz - up to 30 gal
12.5 oz - up to 65 gal
20 oz - up to 100 gal
* Use 12.5 oz for each additional 50 gal
A blend of Ultra Carbon, Total Organics, and Total Nitrate. Removes colors, odors, impurities, metals, phosphates, organics, and nitrates from water. Also readily absorbs coral toxins, silicates, and medications.
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