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Bonsai Reef Single Shelf 2" Frag Tree

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Bonsai Reef
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NEW! Bonsai Reef Mini! Every Bonsai Reef is handmade and unique.

Shelves are made from a reef safe urethane plastic. The shelves are removeable and insert into the base with a 3/8" stem. Shelves are interchangeable between branches on the base, as well as with other Bonsai Reef structures. Bonsai Reef branches are made with a black epoxy-based material. The branches are sturdy and can hold quite a bit of weight. Shelves are available with or without frag holes for frag plugs.

10 Frag Holes!!

Dimensions Available:
5.5L x 6D x 2H    
5.5L x 6D x 3H    
5.5L x 6D x 4H   
5.5L x 6D x 5H    
5.5L x 6D x 6H   
5.5L x 6D x 7H    
5.5L x 6D x 8H   

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West Mariculture Bonsai Shelf, Tonga Branch and Frag Rack Review

In Today's video we take a look at a few products from West Mariculture. We will review their Bonsai Reef Shelf, Tonga Branch and Frag Rack all of which are available at Premium Aquatics.