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BioTek Marine Decoy Purple Tangs Qt (3) Pack

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BioTek Marine
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Tang Decoys float. Attach to a weighted object with included fishing line.
Great way to prepare the addition of new tangs to an aquarium with an established tang – purple tang, other yellow tangs, scopus tang, powder blue or other tangs.
BioTek Marine Acclimation Decoys assist in introducing new fish into a tank by providing a target for aggression by existing fish.  The buoyant decoy uses the flow in your tank to create movement, which combined with the realistic look of the decoy distracts fish from new tankmates and provides a safe target for aggressive behavior.  Because the decoys don’t respond to the aggressive behavior, fish often remain focused on the decoy and dissipate their aggression.
Each decoy includes 24 in. of nylon monofilament line which can be attached to a piece of dry rock or other non-buoyant object.  We suggest placing 2-3 decoys in an open area of low flow where fish are regularly fed.
BioTek Marine Acclimation Decoys are not a replacement for responsible husbandry nor intended to guarantee the placement of potential incompatible fish in the same tank. We recommend placing the decoys in the tank several days before attempting to introduce other fish to gauge response.  The success of the introduction of fish, traditionally challenging, depends on many factors including adequate feeding.  You must feed your fish the amounts they need to thrive, not just survive.  Fish that are hungry or even slightly underfed will behave aggressively to protect their area.  If they are not hungry and food is abundant, they are more likely to relax and allow the introduction of new tank mates.  The use of these decoys will show you, before adding new fish, if your tank residents can accept new fish.  You can leave the decoy fish in the tanks indefinitely and can be removed once new fish are introduced and fish agression has dimished.
Manufactured in the USA with American-made, reef-safe yellow plastic.
Care: clean with a soft brush or sponge, soak in dilute vinegar or citric acid solution as needed for stubborn deposits.
Realistic, buoyant Yellow & Purple Tang design
24” monofilament attached line included

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