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Barracuda 4 Stage RO/DI System 300gpd

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The AquaFX Barracuda Reverse Osmosis Deionization System
The Barracuda RO/DI is very popular with residential reef enthusiasts, engineered to meet the specific needs of your top off and make up water. AquaFX is proud to have our Barracuda recognized by for being #1 pick for RO/DI's within the industry.

The AquaFX Barracuda is offered in several flow rates from 50 GPD to 300 GPD (Gallons per Day). The Barracuda has great appeal for every reef keeper, from the weekend hobbyist to professional service companies. Truly making AquaFX 'The Leaders in Reverse Osmosis.'

Technical Specs -
•AquaFX Premium 1 micron Sediment
•AquaFX Carbon Block
•AquaFX TFC RO Membrane (Always made in the USA - just another quality difference from us and 'them')
•AquaFX Mixed Bed Color Indicating Zero TDS DI resin
•Heavy Duty Aluminum Mounting Bracket
•Quick Connect Fittings standard (no compression)
•Every AquaFX system is hand built in our shop for your needs, never outsourced. Allowing for superior quality control during the manufacturing process.

Parts Included with Every Barracuda RO/DI system -
•1/4" Hose Bib Adapter (Unless another supply type is chosen)
•AquaFX TFC RO Membrane(s)
•10" Canister Filter Wrench for easy filter changes
•6 feet of supply tube, drain tube and product tube
•AquaFX Instruction manual


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