AUQA GADGET - PurityPack Midsize - Includes (2) Fiber Ball Unit, (2) ROX Carbon Pouch, (2) GFO Pouch
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High Performance Fiber Ball
High performance, non clogging, mechanical filter media for both  freshwater and marine aquariums. Easy to remove & replace, fiber balls collect floating detritus & other toxic particles in water.
Micron Size: 20-50um
Density: 1.38/cm3
Filling Density: 60-80kg/m 3 
Filtering Velocity: 20-85m/h
Waste Stopping Quantity: 6kg/m3
Moisture Absorption: 0.4-0.5%
Voidage: 96%
Specific Area: 3000m2/m3
High Capacity Coarse Granular Ferric Oxide
High Capacity Granular Ferric Oxide is 2 x more effective by volume than leading GFO. HC GFO controls and removes phosphates from water eliminating nuisance algae and green water.
Diameter: 3-4mm
Purity: 65% above
Hardness: 4-5
Ash Mass %: 5
Premium ROX 0.8 Carbon
Highest grade chemical filtration process that removes impurities such as copper, chlorine, medications, tap water impurities, discoloration and dissolved proteins. 
Iodine Number: 1000 min.
Ball-Pan Hardness: 97 min.
Surface area (BET) m2/g: 1225
pH: Neutral
Food Chemicals Codex: Passes
Ash, Mass %: 3
Methylene blue absorption g/100g: 24
Washed with Hydrochloric Acid
Custom Caddy      DeskTop     MidSize     FullSize
Fiber Ball(s)*                1              2                 3
HC GFO*                     1              2                 3
ROX Carbon*               1              2                 3
*Each pouch is rated for 10-15 gallons
PLEASE NOTE: Innovative Marine recommends changing out media once a month for optimal performance.
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