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AquaFX Seahorse 4-Stage 100GPD Compact RO/DI System

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The Seahorse Inline Reverse Osmosis RO/DI is a small portable unit that makes 0 TDS water.
- Hand-built in the USA by AquaFX! 
- Portable & Affordable 
- Produces Ultra-Pure Zero TDS Water – Removing Harmful Impurities from Your Water 
- Easy-to-Replace Cartridges 
- Translucent DI Cartridge for Easy Monitoring 
- Quick-Disconnect Fittings (¼" OD) 
The Affordable AquaFX Seahorse Inline RO/DI (Reverse Osmosis / Deionization) System work is perfect for hobbyists with smaller aquariums, fountains, humidifiers and other places where ultrapure water is needed. The compact size makes it super easy to install and to store anywhere in your house. It is also lightweight and portable. The translucent DI cartridge allows you to easily monitor the usage of the DI cartridge and see exactly when it needs to be changed. 
While compact in size, the Seahorse RO/DI works great for removing impurities and harmful substances from municipal water; including heavy metals, dissolved solids, dirt, silt, rust, chlorine, arsenic, lead, parasitic cysts, copper and more. 
Great for applications where lower daily gallons of water is needed. 
- High Efficiency 5-micron Sediment Pre-filter  
- Inline Carbon with Quick Connect Fittings for Easy Replacement  
- High Flow/ High Rejection TFC Membrane: 50 or 100 GPD (Made in the USA) 
- High-Efficiency Color-Indicating translucent DI Cartridge (USA Mix-Bed Resin) 
- Compact size: 14” x 8” x 6” 
- Seahorse RO/DI System and Cartridges 
- 3 x 6-ft of Tubing (inlet / product water / waste water) 
- Garden Hose Adapter for Feedwater (other adapters available) 
- Instruction Manual 
* Output based on 65PSI, 77°F, 250ppm TDS water input over a 24-hour period. Lower pressure, cooler water temperature or higher TDS will reduce output. A booster pump is highly recommended if pressure is below 45 PSI. 
** not recommended for well-water that have high CO2 concentration or water treated with chloramines.  

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