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AquaFX Industrial Marlin 1000gpd RO

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The AquaFX Blue Marlin 1000 GPD RO System
20" Sediment to Dual 20" Carbon Blocks
3/8 Ball Valve for Drain
3/8 Hose Bib
10' (Feed Drain Product) Lines
We frequently make configuration changes in this unit; many folks add a full 10X54 carbon tank and change the Carbons to DI.
Please feel free to contact us on any changes that you would like to make.
High Efficiency 1 micron Sediment Pre-filter
High Flow/High Rejection TFC Membrane
160 PSI Pressure Gauge
Optional Inline TDS Meter
Solid Aluminum Mounting Bracket (Rust Free)
20 inch Canister Housings
Stainless Steel Membrane Housing
Can Flow Up to 1000 Gallons Per Day with Optional Booster Pump(sold separate)
Some residential RO/DI systems just do not produce enough product water for certain applications. If you need to produce more than 300 Gallons Per Day the AquaFX Blue Marlin  RO is the right system for the job. Need your AquaFX Blue Marlin to produce 1000 gallons per day?? Add-on the AquaFx Booster Pump and make a lot of RO water FAST!

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