Aqua Mini MicMol Blue/White LED Nano Aquarium Light *REFURBISHED*
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NEW RETURN - REFURBISHED - This unit was returned, had one LED bulb out. We have replaced tne entire LED board with all new LEDs.  SAVE 30%

A real amazing
We present to you the new Aqua mini. A superior product designed inside and out. Made to the highest standards for the best customer experience.
Innovation extra revolution
The new Aqua mini features a 1.8 inch thin uni-body enclosure, carved from a single solid block of aluminum. Created by computer controlled CNC for numerical engineering precision. Inside and out we make use of environmentally friendly materials to minimize the environmental footprint. You have never seen an aquarium light like quite like this one, built to make any aquarium owner proud. A removable panel at the bottom makes cleaning inside completely painless. Once you're inside you will see how clean and organized the new Aqua mini is. It also features a ultra silent cooling fan that you will barely hear when running.
Touch, Programmable
The new Aqua mini has 2 built-in smart touch buttons. You can easily set the timer, LED brightness, special effects such as sunrise, sunset, thunderstorms and more...
Program settings
The new Aqua mini comes with a variety of settings: the timer, the set LED (white, blue and special led), special effects (sunrise, sunset, thunderstorms), demo and factory reset. You can use the "demo" setting to go through all the settings in 1 minute or you can reset your new Aqua mini to its initial default state by choosing "factory reset". Furthermore new Aqua mini has 3 LED-channels each of which can be set separately. 
For more information please visit (Video Show) http://www.micmol.com/programsettings.html.
Installation systems
The new Aqua mini can be installed in three different configurations using the enclosed super bracket, the hanging kit and the connector parts. As it is designed for maximum flexibility the installation kit fits fish tanks of almost all sizes. Anyone ready for some serious reef fun?
  • All new inside design
  • All in one aluminium modeled body
  • 9 energy-efficient LEDs
  • New super bracket hanging system
  • Programmable lighting System
  • 2 smart touch switch controls
  • Water-resistant cooling system
  • One quiet temperature controlled fan
  • HD LCD digital display
  • Powerful and high par value LED system


Lens & Optics
We use a combination of 80 and 100 degree reflectors to penetrate the deepest tanks and to also provide greater coverage. Our independent refraction optic design provides full light coverage for your tank
LED Spectral Output
3pcs Cool white 8000K
3pcs Royal blue 440-460nm
1pc - Warm white 3000K
2pc - Royal blue 460-490nm
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