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Green Killing Machine - Internal UV Sterilizer (9W)
Makes fighting green water easier. UV radiation is effective in controlling bacteria, yeast, molds, and other pathogens, in turn controlling algae growth. Water flows in direct contact with the UV lamp, intensifying its function of fighting green water. In addition, it can be hidden behind ornaments in your aquarium, cutting back on tubing around your tank. 
- Water pump included 
- Simple 1-2-3 installation 
- Submersible assembly 
- No external pipes or plumbing 
- Suction cup mounting - no hardware required 
- LED signals need for UV Bulb replacement 
- Electrically ChildSafe 12V low voltage design 
- Zigzag flow designs for maximum sterilizing time 
- Unique Patent Pending Technology 
- UV radiation - at a wavelength of 254nm making the unit extremely effective in controlling bacteria, yeast, moulds and other pathogens 
- Filtration pump 200L/Hr (50Ga/Hr) and sponge inclusive 
- Treats up to 200L (50Ga) of saltwater & fresh water aquariums 
Flow Rate: 200L/Hr
Q: Is this a disposable unit?
A: This is not a disposable unit, UV lamps have a life span of 6 - 9 months in constant use. However, it is only suggested for use with green water and unit shall be switched off if water is clear. If the LED indicator on the control box is OFF, it means you will have to replace the UV lamp assembly (AA09W-UVC or AA24W-UVC). Just like any other UV sterilizer, the bulb itself is disposable. The difference between AA and other brands is that we replace the lamp together with its housing, so we make sure the seal is 100% and easy for users. Prices for these replacement bulbs are very affordable. 
Q: Why is the flow rate so slow?
A: Slow flow rate together with our ZIGZAG flow design (inside the housing) are to maximize sterilizing it.
Q: Can you make the sponge bigger? I have to clean it every 2 days.
A: The UV sterilizer is not an internal filter. You can try to put the UV sterilizer near the outlet of your existing filter, where the water is cleaner. If this doesn’t help, we recommend you to clean your filter media and make sure it filters sufficiently.
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