Available Livestock List
Available Livestock - Updated 3/19/15 rev1
We are constantly searching out the best and freshest livestock for your use. Here's a list of what's in stock. 
Prices are same online as in the store. The only exception is we sell all live rock at the cured price locally. Uncured rock is available as mail order only. 
Availability may change quick so we may not always be 100% up to date every day, so don't hesitate to call to check stock.
If you are looking for something in particular, please let us know! email livestock@premiumaquatics.com  with scientific name, gender preference, and size!
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10 x  Aquacultured Bam-Bam Zoanthids $20.00
05 x Aquacultured Clavularia (green center orange tip) $20.00
05 x AquaculturedClavularia (orange strip) $20.00
10 x Aquacultured Trumpet Coral $20.00
10 x Aquacultured Ultra Premium Zoanthids $20.00
10 x Aquacultured Yellow Polyps $15.00
10 x Aquacultured Gorgonia (yellow) $15.00
05 x Aquacultured Zoanthids (Armageddon) $20.00
05 x Aquacultured Green Star Polyps $20.00  
Real Reef - 800 pounds

Fiji Premium - 200 pounds
Fiji Base Premium - 1500 pounds
Manado Base - 200 pounds

Item   Scientific Name Common name Size Qty Price
    Centropyge bispinosus Coral Beauty S 1 $22.00
    Gramma loreto Royal Gramma M 3 $15.00
    Salarias fasciatus Lawnmower Blenny S 3 $10.00
    Escenius midas Midas Blenny-Red Sea M 2 $30.00
    Escenius stigmatura Tailspot Blenny M 1 $22.00
    Amphiprion ocellaris Ocellaris S 5 $20.00
    Amphiprion ocellaris Black Ocellaris S 1 $35.00
    Sphaeramia nematoptera Pajama Spotted :: Eastern Asia M 8 $12.00
    Pterapogon kauderni Banggai -Aquacultured S 10 $15.00
    Chromis viridis Green Chromis S 10 $5.00
    Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus Spotted Hawk S 1 $15.00
    Cryptocentrus cinctus Yellow Watchman M 1 $15.00
    Amblyeleotris guttatus Orangespot Watchman M 1 $15.00
    Stonogobiops nematodes Hifin Banded Goby M 3 $15.00
    Priolepis nocturnus Bondable Nocturnus Goby M 1 $50.00
    Nemateleotris magnifica Firefish Goby M 10 $10.00
Corals SPS            
      Aussie Ultra Colonies coming next week!      
Corals, SPS Aqua Cultured
Corals, LPS
Corals, LPS Aqua Cultured
    Duncanopsammia axifuga Green Whiskers F 4 $25.00
Polyps, Button/Zoanthid Aquacultured
      Varying Zoathids/Palythoa F 25 $20.00
Polyps, Mushroom Aquacultured
      Asstd Colonial Zoas M 2 $30.00
      Radioactive Dragoneye Zoa F 8 $10.00
Corals, Soft            
    Sarcophyton elegans Fiji Yellow Toadstool M 3 $40.00
      Yellow/tan, photosynthetic F 8 $15.00
    Sabella sp. Assorted Hawaiian L 3 $12.95
    Sabella sp. Dwarf Pink S 3 $12.95
    Alpheus randalli Red Banded Pistol M 3 $24.00
    Alpheus bellulus Tiger Pistol M 4 $20.00
    Lysmata debelius Fire Shrimp M 8 $29.00
    Lysmata amboinensis Skunk Cleaner Shrimp S 24 $19.00
      Yellow Tip   250 1.50 ea
    Clibinarius tricolor Blue Leg   250 1.50 ea
      Red Leg   250 1.50 ea
      Scarlet   100 3.00 ea.
    Mithrax sp. Emerald Crab M 18 $4.49
    Ciliopagurus strigatus Halloween Hermit M 5 $7.00
    Tegula sp Margarita S 100 $1.50
    Astrea tecta Astrea S 200 $1.50
    Turbo sp. Turbo M-L 100 $1.50