Zetlight Lancia ZP-4000-1200 LED Waterproof Aquarium Light, 48-56in All Blue GEN 2
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Item #: MT-ZP4000-1200-GEN2
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(**Adjustable color ONLY with the compatible I200 Light Controller & I200R Signal Receiver! – Sold separately!**)
LED // Color temperature/wavelength
1 year manufacturer warranty
Waterproof level rated at IP68, the fixture is protected to the greatest extent from being damaged by water
Aluminum housing that always keeps the lamp cool
Highly cost effective, energy saving, and environmentally protective
Fits perfectly into existing T5 and T8 versions
There is the lamp in 5 different sizes
Very thin and stylish design
Extremely low heat generation by aluminum housing
The lamp has a puller and is adjustable in length
The lamp may be hung over the aquarium
Works with a compatible controller (sold separately)


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