Zetlight Lancia ZP-4000-1200 LED Waterproof Aquarium Light, 48-56in All Blue GEN 2
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The lancia II LED strip light has 4 kinds of LEDs.  Including blue, royal blue, white, and violet.  While the other LED strip lights in the market are missing the violet color and lack of alternative in blue, it makes the Lancia II the best spectrum in the market.
With 4 controllable channels, you can have a customized spectrum that best suits your tank in terms of visual and growth.
48 watts
47-55 inches
4000 lumens
The Lancia II is IP67 waterproof, which allows you to place the light on top of the tank close to the surface of the water, making the strip light fit into the surrounding as part of the aquarium.
The elegant brushed finish aluminum body functions as a heat sink to absorb and dissipate heat away from the LED.  With the finless passive cooling design, the light is completely noise free during operation.


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