Zaya Skimmer Overflow Stopper (SOS)
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Never in the history of the saltwater aquarium hobby has any tank setup with a protein skimmer escaped the fate of having the protein skimmer overflow from your fish tank!
If you use a protein skimmer, the chances are it will overflow at one time or another! There are many factors that can cause a protein skimmer to suddenly and quickly overflow
Forgetting to empty the skimmer collection cup
Reactions from chemicals, additives, feeding, medications, etc…
Venturi air intake gets blocked by dust, salt or debris
After a power outage or turning off the return pump when the skimmer is on
A skimmer overflow can cause extensive and expensive damage to your aquarium equipment, cabinetry and surrounding floor. It can cause your aquariums water level to drain to dangerous levels that can kill fish and corals or burn out circulation and return pumps. Skimmate that overflows from your skimmer back into your sump can cause unsightly and difficult to remove hair algae in your aquarium. In some cases, the outcome could be more serious and cost you to lose precious fish and corals!
Nothing can prevent a protein skimmer from producing unexpected foam or an unexpected rise of the water level in its inner chamber under all conditions!
When these conditions occur, a new product from Zaya.co, the SOS (Skimmer Overflow Stopper) prevents your protein skimmer from overflowing. With the SOS, all overflows are stopped before disaster can happen. The SOS turns off your protein skimmer pump when the miniature titanium probes are triggered by a collection cup or waste collection container that is full of skimmate or when the water in the sump rises above its normal operating level. It also sounds a loud continuous alarm to draw your attention to it.
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