Xaqua INOUT Overflow & Return
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Since when do you want to be playing all night with your overflow? Never? We’ve got you covered. Introducing the one and only Xaqua INOUT, a complete overflow system that can be installed on aquariums that have an external sump filter. With Xaqua INOUT there’s no holes in the bottom of the aquarium, eliminating the risk of catastrophic water leakage possible with conventional overflows. Xaqua INOUT is installed with holes drilled in the side or the back of the aquarium, and there is no partition that robs space from the aquascape, so the tank volume is unaffected. The special construction makes it noiseless and generates a wave effect on the water surface. The new model introduced in 2016 has a larger drain, allowing a maximum pump capacity of 660 gph (2500 L/h). Drain and return hose set available separately.

It’s compact: External dimensions: 12 x 5 x 6 cm.

The drain and return are divisible if you want to position the IN and the OUT in different parts of the tank.

The INOUT anti-clogging suction grille is easily removed for cleaning, and the water jet return has a directional outlet.

INSTALLATION: To ensure a tight seal this device is equipped with O-RING positioned on the outside of their sockets. With INOUT in position the two O-rings have to be in contact with the outer side of the aquarium glass.

Tighten the nuts by hand without the aid of mechanical tools.

If insert the nozzle result hard, you can put it in hot water for few seconds.

It’s important that the holes in the glass are perfectly calibrated to ensure the hermetic water seal. The drill template indicates the distances of the holes and the maximum and minimum diameter. Keep in mind that the larger the diameter of the hole and the more attention you should have to respect the distances indicated. Place the INOUT O-rings so that they are centered in the hole. Clean the hoses before use. Periodically clean the pump and the hoses to mantain the INOUT efficient.

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