Waterbox 50 CUBE- 50g All-in-One Aquarium - 2017 model
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For aquarists who are looking for simple design and ease of installation. The all-in-one series provides maximum volume turnover with easy to remove media baskets and micron socks for filtration. Eco-plus pumps ensure years of hassle free maintenance.

5D Rimless Low Iron on all 5 sides
Low iron ultra-clear glass with the highest quality silicone and crisp edges. No sloppy corner silicone here. Each aquarium is water tested, polished and inspected before it is brought to market.

Built-in Filtration
The filtration was designed for maximum volume turnover while implementing a bubble free baffle for quiet operation.

Media Basket
Removable media basket is included with every all-in-one Waterbox. Includes carbon, bacteria media and sump sponges.

Directional Return Nozzles
Multi-directional return nozzles are included with the 50 Cube, 30 Cube and 30 Shallow Waterbox All-in-one system.
Eco-Plus Pump

Standard with every All-in-one system is the world’s best hassle free internal AC pump. Eco-plus 2 year warranty and quiet, hassle free performance

What’s Included

The 30 Shallow, 30 Classic, and 50 Cube come in a securely packaged crate.  The 10 Cube and 20 Cube are packaged securely in a box.
Low iron glass tank with overflow and leveling mat
Leveling mat
Eco Plus Pump
Media Basket
User Manual

Technical Specs:

Aquarium Tank Dimension 13.8x14.2x13.8" 17.7x17.7x15.8" 23.6x23.6x12.4" 23.6x17.7x17.7" 23.6x23.6x20.5"
Tank Volume 11.6g 21.4g 30g 32.1g 49.5g
Glass Thickness 1/4" 1/4" 5/16" 5/16" 1/2"
Filtration Chamber 13.8x3.2x13.8" 17.7x3.9x15.8" 23.6x5.1x12.4" 23.6x5.12x17.7" 23.6x5.12x20.5"
Skimmer Chamber 4.8x3.2x13.8" 4.8x3.9x15.8" 6.7x12x5.1" 6.7x12x5.1" 5.9x19.7x5.1"
Pump Chamber 2.4x3.2x13.8 4x3.9x15.8" 7.1x5.1x10.2" 7.1x5.1x10.2 7.5x5.1x18.1"
Direction Nozzle 1 1 1 1 1
Return Hose 10 10 10 10 20
EVA Mat 1 1 1 1 1
Filtration Filtration/Overflow Back Filtration with Single Overflow Back Filtration with Dual Overflow
Mechanical Filter Sponge 1 1 1 1 2
Biological Filter Sponge 2 3 2 3 3
Activated Carbon 150g 150g 150g 150g 150g
Ceramic Ring 250g 550g 250g 550g 550g
Cabinet (OPTIONAL) Cabinet Model X 25 cabinet 50 Cabinet 30 Cabinet 50 Cabinet
Cabinet Dimensions X 17.7x17.7x33.5" 23.6x23.6x33.5" 23.6x17.7x33.5" 23.6x23.6x33.5"
Material & Painting X Mulit-Plywood, double-side water resistant UV painting
Color X W-White, B-Black


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