Walt Smith Pukani Live Rock - Cured / Cleaned - Nano
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NOTE: Sizes that are remaining right now are NANO goldball - baseball sized pieces. 

Rock is sold per LB (not per piece). If you have any special requests for your rock, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to fulfill what you're looking for (although we cannot guarantee it all to be exactly what you're wanting).


Pukani is a great looking rock, but unfortunately all the live rock now except Manado is shipped via boat and all the coraline algae/organics do not survive. So companies resell the Pukani as Dry Rock. We do sell as dry rock as well, but we also take the PUkani rock and put in our large rock pools and cure the rock for 2-3 months. The results is all the dead organics are completly cured out and new bacteria has been established, making this very clean live rock. The rock will have very little coraline algae due to way it's stored in large rock vats, bottom pieces just don't get that much light. 

The rock is still excellent alternative to dry rock, you won't have all the dead organics to deal with, you won't have 4-6 weeks curing time and you'll have instant live bacteria and some micro life with the Pukani Live.

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