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VorTech Propeller Pump MP40mQD - MOBIUS VERSION

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An Ever Expanding Ecosystem
You’ve invested in your ecosystem with the smartest and most capable EcoTech® equipment. Now unlock the true potential of this system with nothing more than an app on your smart device.
In an aquarium, having the right amount of flow is crucial to the health of the ecosystem. With VorTech® QuietDrive® choosing the correct water circulation equipment has never been easier.
VorTech pumps are designed by aquarists to be the gold standard for providing flow in marine aquariums. When it comes to broad yet gentle flow, the VorTech design is unmatched.
Create massive water movement
No coral damaging “hot spots”
Natural Gyre
Tank-wide flow patterns
Precise control of water movement
At the heart of the VorTech’s success is its unique, patented, magnetically coupled design.
No distractions from the beauty of the tank and its inhabitants
No wires in the aquarium
No unwanted heat added to the water column
No risk of electrical discharge harming people or marine life
No hassle when it comes to installing, relocating or cleaning the power head
Flow: 2,500 gph (9,500 lph)
Power Consumption: 8-19 Watts
Tank Range: 2.5-50+ gal (9.5-190 liters)
Max Glass Thickness: 0.375 inches (9.5 mm)
Flow: 5,000 gph (19,000 lph)
Power Consumption: 9-37 Watts
Tank Range: 50-500+ gal (190-1,800 liters)
Max Glass Thickness: 0.75 inches (19 mm)
Flow: 9,000 gph (34,000 lph)
Power Consumption: 10-60 Watts
Tank Range: 120-1,000+ gal (450-3,800 liters)
Max Glass Thickness: 0.375 – 1.00 inch (9.5 – 26 mm)
Mobious Control
Unifying Platform for an Advancing Ecosystem
You’ve invested in your ecosystem with the smartest and most capable EcoTech equipment. Now unlock the true potential of this system with nothing more than an app on your smart device.
Like the life in your systems, the beauty of Mobius will develop and evolve rapidly.
Mobius™ works with a wide range of connected devices. More devices are being added each month.
Everything you want and nothing you don’t in aquarium equipment control. A decade to develop, but seconds to set up. Empower your ecosystem with smart devices on a control platform that unleashes all their capabilities.
The Mobius interface is built to utilize the communications, convenience, and familiarity of your favorite smart device. If you can use your phone, you can create the perfect environment for your biotope. If you can imagine a task for your equipment, you can craft it with scenes and routines.
Straightforward and just how you like it. Mobius is free. Seriously. Get it now – it’s on your favorite app store. It’s incredible and costs nothing, so start your journey today. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.
Vortech Flow Modes:
Lagoon Mode
Lagoon mode simulates a low-energy lagoon environment. The speed of the pump is changed slowly to recreate the gentle currents of a lagoon.
Reef Crest Mode
Reef Crest Random mode simulates a high-energy reef environment. The pump will change speed frequently and drastically to simulate crashing waves and surging tide. This is a favorite of SPS coral.
Gyre Mode
Gyre mode creates a flow pattern consisting of uniform clockwise and *counterclockwise flow levels pulsing at a selected interval between two seconds and two hours.
*Alternating directional gyre requires multiple pumps.
Short Pulse Mode
Short Pulse mode creates a flow pattern consisting of uniform high and low levels pulsing at a selected interval between 0.2 seconds and 2 seconds.
Tidal Swell Mode
Tidal Swell mode (TSM) creates a harmonic balance reminiscent of the changing flow conditions found in nature. Over the course of several hours, the flow pattern will go from very chaotic to calm, followed by a detritus-clearing surge at the very end of the cycle. The flow direction will change direction every cycle.
Nutrient Transport Mode
Nutrient Transport mode (NTM) creates circulation in a two-phase program. The first phase uses wave motion to stir up detritus. The second phase follows wit a surging motion to move the detritus into the overflow and out of the aquarium. This mode promotes maximum health, nutrient export and increased growth for sensitive corals such as SPS.
Feed Mode
At the touch of the button, all VorTech® wirelessly enabled pumps will temporarily pause their current mode and idle allowing food to be added to the tank without being cycled into the overflow and filtration.
Night Mode
Pumps can be enabled to run a gentler night time program simulating calmer ocean conditions for night time hours.
Wave Auto-Tune
Create a standing wave in your aquarium and demonstrate the true power of the fully operational VorTech® QuietDrive® control system.
Multi-Pump Communication
All “w” denominated VorTech® pumps come with an RF module installed. The RF module will allow up to 8 “w” pumps of any type to work together in sync, anti-sync or coordinated modes.
EcoSmart® Live via Mobile Device
All “w” denominated VorTech® pumps are compatible with ReefLink®. ReefLink provides completely wireless access to the world of EcoSmart Live, the web-based aquarium command center from EcoTech Marine®.
Battery Backup Mode
Blizzard. Hurricane. A motorist hits a utility pole. Stuff happens. The power goes out… VorTech® pumps are compatible with the EcoTech® Battery Backup accessory.
In an aquarium with no flow, fish and corals can begin to die in as little as 4 to 10 hours. The Battery Backup is reef tank insurance in an aluminum housing.
By adding the Battery Backup**, your tank is insulated from power interruptions, helping protect your valuable investment -and your tank inhabitants.
*Hours are estimated and will vary depending on battery life, pump mode, and other factors.
** For best performance when in return pump configuration, a Vectra Battery Backup Booster is required.

Customer Reviews

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The Beezz Kneezzz Dec 1, 2023
What’s not to love. Super quiet, adjustable, great app, and easiest maintenance out of any pump ever. Wish they had adjustable flow angle, but hey, it’s still absolutely amazing. :)
The beezz kneezzz Dec 1, 2023
What’s not to love. Super quiet, adjustable, great app, and easiest maintenance out of any pump ever. Wish they had adjustable flow, but hey, it’s still absolutely amazing. :)
Best Pump Ever Feb 13, 2021
The form factor on this pump is fantastic. I own 3 of these for my frag tanks. So much power for what they are and the choice in settings are unbeatable.
Great Pump Feb 10, 2021
For years I’ve had 2 Mp40QD on my 220 gallon peninsula tank. Now I’m looking for what’s new and greater in the hobby for the new tank I’m building it’s nothing that beats the MP40QD still till today.
The best there is Dec 24, 2020
Such a good powerhead. Well built, heaps of functionality. Now coupled with Mobius, it's even better. Love mine.
best pump in the market Dec 22, 2020
Super quiet, puts out tons of flow and awesome controls!
Outstanding Choice Dec 12, 2020
I own 2 MP40’s and they have been running continuously for years. They are infinitely adjustable and incredibly reliable. They have 12 different flow modes, low profile design and my favorite part is that there is no cord in the water. Heat generated by electric motor is virtually non-existent because the Vortech pumps used coupled magnetic drive which results in low power use and virtually no heat transfer. Use the available battery back up for those power outages too. Vortech pumps are the best choice for keeping my corals safe and happy.
Incredible power Nov 21, 2020
The best wavemaker on the market. Super powerful, amazing customisation and ultimately super low profile and discreet!
Awesome pump easy to setup Oct 13, 2020
Owning the mp40 for two months now and it is an amazing pump no wires on the inside of the tank easy to remove and clean very powerful pump currently only running one but plan for a second one in few months as I upgrade more equipment.