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VorTech Propeller Pump MP10wQD

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Proudly bringing the cutting edge of technical innovation to the award winning Vortech pump line.
QuietDrive and the all new MP40 redefine what's possible in an aquarium circulation pump.

QuietDrive represents the next evolution of the award winning VorTech Driver.
-All new driver included with the Vortech MP10, MP40, and MP60
-6+ Available continuous operational modes
-Wave auto tune, feed mode, & night mode
-90% less motor noise*
-up to 40% more output*
-Communicates with existing WWD and "w" Ecosmart pumps
-Fully compatible with EcoSmart Live and EcoSmart Drivers

*MP40 QuietDrive compared to MP40wES

Vortech QD Small. Medium. Large

MP10QD & MP10wQD
Flow: 1500+gph (6000+lph)
Power Consumption: 8-18 Watts
Tank Range: 2.5-50+gal (9.5-190liters)
Max Glass Thickness: 0.375 inches (9.5mm)

Flow: 4500+ gph (17000+lph)
Power Consumption: 9 to 38 Watts
Tank Range: 50-500+ gal (190-1800 liters)
Max Glass Thickness: 0.75 inches (19mm)

Flow: 7500+ gal (28000+ lph)
Power Consumption: 10 to 60 Watts
Tank Range: 120-1000+ gal (450-3800 liters)
Glass Thickness Range: 0.375 - 1.00 inch (9.5-26mm)

To compliment the all new QD driver, the MP40 has been completely re-designed.
-90% less motor noise
-40% more output
-Sleek aesthetics
-Dual bearing wet side
-Increased efficiency
-Compatible with wireless EcoSmart Vortechs
-Compatible with ReefLink and EcoSmart Live

Motor Dimensions: 3" x 2.25"
Wet Side Dimensions: 3" x 3"

In an aquarium, having the right amount of flow is crucial to the health of the ecosystem. With Vortech QuietDrive, choosing the correct water circulation equipment has never been easier.

VorTech pumps are designed by aquarists to be the fold standard in providing flow in marine aquariums. When it comes to broad yet gentle flow, the VorTech design is unmatched.
-Creats massive water movement
-No livestock damaging 'hot spots'
-Natural Gyre
-Three dimensional flow patterns
-Comprehensive flow options
-Precise water movement control

VoreTech QD Modes:
Lagoon Mode: Lagoonal Random Mode simulates a low-energy lagoon environment. The speed of the pump is changed slow to recreate the gentle currents of a lagoon.

Reef Crest Mode:
Reef Crest Random Mode simulates a low-energy reef environment. The pump will change speed frequently and drastically to simulate crashing waves and surging tide. This is a favorite of SPS coral.

Gyre Mode:
Gyre Mode creates a flow pattern consisting of uniform clockwise and counterclockwise flow levels pulsing at a selected interval between two seconds and two hours.

Short Pulse Mode:
Short Pulse Mode creates a flow pattern consisting of uniform high and low flow levels pulsing at a selected intercal between .2 seconds and two seconds.

Tidal Swell Mode:
Tidal swell mode (TSM) creates a harmonic balance reminiscent of the changeing flow conditions found in nature. Over the course of several hours, the flow pattern will go from very chaotic to calm, followed by a detritus-clearing surge at the very end of the cycle. The flow direction will change direction every cycle.

Nutrient Transport Mode:
Nutrient transport mode (NTM) creates circulation in a two-phase program. The first phas uses wave motion to stir up detritus. The second phase follows with a surging motion to move the detritus into the overflow and out of the aquarium. This mode promotes maximum health, nutrient export, and increased growth for sensitive corals such as SPS.

Feed Mode:
At the touch of a button all VorTech wirelessly enabled pumps will temporarily pause their current mode and idle, allowing food to be added to the tank without being cycled into the overflow and filtration.

Night Mode:
Pumps can be enabled to run a gentler night time program simulating calmer ocean conditions for night time hours.

Wave Auto-Tune:
Create a standing wave in your aquarium and demonstarte the true power of the fully operational Vortech QuietDrive control system.

Multi-Pump Communication:1*
All "w" denominated VorTech pumps come with an RF module installed. The RF module will allow up to 8 "w" pumps of any type to work together in sync, anti-sync, or coordinated modes.

ESL via Mobile Device:2*
All "w" denominated VorTech pumps are compatible with ReefLink. ReefLink provides completely wireless access to the world of EcoSmart Live, the web-based aquarium command center from EcoTech Marine.

Battery Backup Mode:3*
Blizzard, Hurricane, a motorist hits a utility pole. Stuff happens. The power goes out... VorTech pumps are compatible with the EcoTech Battery Backup accessory.

1*-Requires multiple "w" vortech pumps
2*-Requires reeflink and internet connection
3*-Requires Batter backup.

The VorTech is no less amazing today than when it first revolutionized the aquarium hobby. Three generations of pumps, over a decade of flow production, and tens of thousands of healthy aquariums are a testament to this uniquely designed power head. At the heart of the VorTech's success is its unique, patented, magnetically coupled design.
-No distractions
-No wires in the aquarium
-No unwanted heat added to the water column
-No risk of electrical discharge harming people or marine life
-No hassle when it comes to installing, relocating, or cleaning the power head.

QuietDrive builds on the unique advantages of the VorTech's magnetically coupled design and takes it to the next level. The revolutionary new drive system boasts increased efficiency and significantly reduced motor noise.

First, Vortech took the pump motor out of the aquarium, now QuietDrive takes the noise out of the motor.

On its own every VorTech pump can do amazing things, connect them to EcoSmart Live via ReefLink and the possibilities are endless.
-Include any number of VorTech wQD pumps in an EcoSmart profile.
-Create custom pump programs with easy to use drag and drop functionality.
-Control and program one or many VorTech pumps using a smart device
-Create pump programs that vary modes over a 24hr period
-Seamlessly integrate Vortech pump programs to backup or share with the community
-Use the pump layout wizard to create a graphical representation of an aquarium
-Compatible with Mac, PC, iOS, and Android platforms

Upgrading to QuietDrive
For existing EcoSmart Vortech owners, QuietDrive and the newly designed MP40 allow for varying upgrade opportunites ranging from driver upgrades on all VorTechs to some or multiple component upgrades on the MP40wES.

MP10ES to MP10QD*
The Mp10wQD and MP10QD benefit from greatly reduced motor noise and more output as a result of the new QuietDrive driver. The motor, wet side and power supply on the MP10QD remain unchanged. Upgrading and existing MP10ES with a QuietDrive driver provides access to all of the improved performance.
*"w" and non "w" versions.

MP60wES to MP60wQD
MP60 equipped with QuietDrive benefits from greatly reduced motor noise and higher efficiency. The motor, wet side and power supply on the MP60QD remain unchanged.

MP40wES to the MP40wQD
Because of the MP40QD being a completely new design, a current MP40wES can be upgraded in several different ways. The following chart indicates different upgrade scenarios and their resulting performance improvements.


Customer Reviews

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Great pump Mar 23, 2015
I am using this pump in my 27 gallon cube reef tank. It replaced multiple pumps on a wavemaker system. i love the controllability you get when added to the reeflink. Great pump, and will be buying more for my next set-up!!
Great powerhead Feb 19, 2020
tons of power in a small and easy to hide form factor, best of all this will make the dreaded task of cleaning power heads a breeze. no more need to wrestle through the spaghetti pile of cables, just remove the wet side and drop it in some citric acid and reattach when done.
Clean and sleek Nov 9, 2021
Love this pump! Amazing for smaller tanks or frag setups. Very clean and sleek also.
Small Tanks Nov 7, 2021
Top Pump for small tanks
Amazing pump!! Oct 23, 2021
More than enough for my 300L aquarium. I love it!
The best pump i`ve ever seen Sep 4, 2021
The best pump i`ve ever seen. Controllable with the great Mobius App. No electricity in the water because the motor ist outside.
Performance Apr 25, 2021
Great pump very quiet
Great lasts the rest of time Jan 15, 2021
Love the pump best on the market
Brilliant little pump Dec 28, 2020
The mp10 is a great little pump for nano tanks as it has a nice wide and gentle flow pattern which stops corals getting blasted unlike more traditional wave makers.
One of my favorites for a nano tank Dec 28, 2020
I use one of these on my IM Nuvo 20 Concept Dropoff and love it. Tons of different mode options. Things have been seamless with Mobius app which has been supper simple to set up. Just a matter of moments and the pump was programmed. So easy to edit. You can make the schedule as simple or complicated as you like.
The best there is Dec 24, 2020
Looks good, performs even better.
Igual de buena que la mp40 Nov 5, 2020
Buena bomba, 0 ruidos y muy potente
Never failed Oct 29, 2020
Had it 4 years never failed
Awesome Oct 14, 2020
Great piece of kit for any reefer. Movement and flow is on point for all types of corals and fish
MP10 for 20 g long my daughters reef Oct 13, 2020
Will be purchasing this after long debate and much needed choice over the Nero 3 still good but I like the no wires in the tank making for easier cleaning and swapping if you have multiple heads loving my mp40 and plan on sticking with ecotech after my experience with jebao and coralife.
Amazing Jun 30, 2020
Great on mobius
Great Pump Jun 28, 2020
These are the best pumps on the market, They are quiet and provide great flow throughout the aquarium. I love the fact that they are easy to clean and easy to program. THe controller is big and easy to use - no complicated button presses.
Good flow and Nice Looking May 30, 2020
I have two on my reefer 170. They work well in anti sync. They give great flow. No complaints.
Awesome Pump May 8, 2020
For the size of the pump....i am impressed by the amount of output...
Smooth Apr 26, 2020
Very smooth powerheads, quiet and good flow, great for small tanks, as well as larger.
Best Pump Apr 12, 2020
Best pump in the range

Thank you ecotech
MP10 Mar 9, 2020
Although not quite as robust as the big brother MP40, I utilize one of these in my QT tank to create random flow to help get finicky fish eating and to help keep detritus off the aquarium bottom and into the sock. Just as easy to clean as the larger MP models.
Small footprint with a tremendous PUNCH! Mar 4, 2020
I been using ecotech vortech's for over 6 years, they are the absolute best. So many neat features and the flow is extremely powerful.
Best In Class Pump Feb 28, 2020
Great Pump and very easy to use. Easy to clean, I just keep another wetside around and then swap them when they get dirty. The new mobius control is awesome - everything can be setup and controlled from an app now. No more needing a reeflink or having to do button presses to get pumps to sync.

Its quiet, so much quiet that you can hardly hear it in a silent room. The best part of this pump is the company behind it - Ecotech has best in class support.
Great little pump Feb 23, 2020
This is an amazing little pump. I have 4 of them on my system. 1 on my refugium, and 3 in my smaller 40g tanks. The reef Crest move is amazing. Random flow.
Good Feb 22, 2020
Very good pump really powerful but quiet couldn't recommend enough.
BEST PUMP EVER! Feb 20, 2020
Great pump so versatile and easy to set up.Will never use anything else.
Mp10 Feb 16, 2020
Been using these pumps for years. Work horses. Keep them clean and this thing will run like a beast for many years. Definetly will get your money's worth
Perfect Feb 14, 2020
Will never use anything else
Quiet and no wires in tank Feb 12, 2020
Mp10 running on the back wall of a reefer 250. Holds on pretty well but did get knocked off 2 times in a year. This pump keeps on chugging along and moves a good amount of water serving its purpose. Fairly easy to clean and swap foam covers.runs very quiet with the added bonus of no wires inside the dt.
Best little pump ever!!! Feb 9, 2020
nothing can touch the engineering and design of this pump. with wireless capabilities it's the best pump on the market.
AMAZONG PUMP Feb 6, 2020
If your looking for a reliable trustworthy pump with amazing support this is the one.
If your looking for a reliable trustworthy pump with amazing support this is the one.
The best pump in the market in small size. Jan 14, 2020
The best pump in the market in small size.
Powerful, quiet, with many options and easy to clean.
Best pump on the market Jan 13, 2020
If looking for a wave pump, look no further than this EcoTech as these can push some serious water in a tank. Definitely love it and would recommend this product.
Great pump! Jan 12, 2020
Awesome pump, had one for years.
Great pump Dec 19, 2019
Good price for the quality
Zero noise
Huge water movement
Easy maintenance
Long life
Great pump Dec 13, 2019
Been running two of these on my 60 gallon cube mixed reef for over 4 years. These things just keep going. I haven’t had any issues at all. Love to change up my flow options using EcoSmart live as well. Can’t go wrong with these on your tank. Given that these have been on my tank for so long, the price isn’t that bad either.
Highly recommend Dec 11, 2019
Fantastic little pump with big flow
Best power head on the market Dec 11, 2019
By far best power head on the market. Best random flow, super quiet and no cord in tank. My favorite by far.
An excellent pump Nov 21, 2019
I went through a lot of pumps until I got myself an MP10 or actually 3! Super reliable and quiet plus it creates amazing flow patterns that can be controlled/programmed from the comfort of your smart phone!
great pumps! Nov 21, 2019
great pumps very quiet. more costly then others but the quality is second to none
Flow flow flow Nov 11, 2019
Good pump for the money
My current favorite powerhead! Nov 11, 2019
I love my MP10. I've waited a while to do a review and I can say I've owned it for 2 years problem free. I currently use it in my Biocube 32 and it makes more than enough flow. The design of the pump is obviously like no other because the motor is on the outside of the glass which is probably the best feature and why most get this pump. It keeps the electronics and heat out of the tank which also makes the inside look less cluttered with no wires. Cleaning it is the easiest thing ever. You just turn off the pump from the controller, pull out the wetside from the tank, and bring it to a sink. I use a toothbrush to clean it off and rinse it with water. Good as new! If there is any coralline build up or harder deposits, a quick bath in some citric acid or something safe yet acidic will easily break it down.

The driver is easy to use and has many different modes. There are even more modes and uses if you have a second pump and a reeflink to configure them with. I currently use it by itself and it's more than I need.

The pump is pretty quiet overall. My tank is in the living room and I have no complaints about noise disturbing me or my wife. My wife hates equipment that hums or makes annoying noises. She loves the pump because she doesn't know it is on based on noise.

Last plus would be that replacement wetsides, drysides, and drivers are easy to find online but I haven't needed them yet.

The main con you may have with the pump is the price. It is obviously one of the more expensive options out there. But so far, the price has reflected the quality I've seen. It is a premium product so I can expect to pay a little more.

Overall, a great pump that is definitely a leader in the hobby in my opinion. It currently is the pump to beat.
BEST PUMP EVER! Nov 9, 2019
Have two of these synchronized in my reef tank and couldn't be more happier with the performance.
Wouldn't get any other pump.
Great pump Nov 9, 2019
Although the cost is higher than other pumps on the market, this one is the best out there! Very reliable and easy to use. Love being able to have so much control over the flow!
Best on the market Nov 7, 2019
Will not ever buy another type of powerhead. So easy to clean that I clean it often. Love the different programs and the power is fantastic. Running for well over a year without an issue
Best In Class Pump Nov 7, 2019
The Ecotech MP10 is best in its class pump. It is quiet and has no cords in the tank. The battery backup is the feature that differentiates this pump from others. So you can have peace of mind when traveling.
Rocks my 30L Nov 7, 2019
Awesome little pump that rockes my Innovative Marine 30L. Love not having cords in the tank and how easy it is to maintain.
LOVE Nov 6, 2019
Love this pump! Looks sleek and clean on my cube reef. My favorite addition to it is the battery back up so I know my tank is safe from any power outages!
Amazing product with amazing results Nov 4, 2019
I am currently running 2 x mp10wqd in my system for the last 3 years without any issues!
Easy to configure with reeflink and to maintain.
Awesome flow Nov 2, 2019
Been using the MP10 on my 58 gallon and 40 breeder frag tank since the first generation. Paired with a Reeflink you can create various flow patterns. Best wavemaker on the market.
Mp10qd Nov 2, 2019
Excellent pumps. I would highly recommend. Excellent build quality super silent worth every cents
La mejor Nov 1, 2019
La mejor bomba de circulación que e tenido
Excelente material de construcción, silenciosa,
Opciones de programación muy versátil
Nothing else like it Oct 31, 2019
MP pumps can’t be touched by the competition because nothing else has the control or engineering.
The Best Oct 31, 2019
These are the best powerheads available. I have two on the back of my 120 gallon tank. They move a lot of water and they are so easy to use. Even better, each MP10 communicates with each other (and MP40 and MP60s) in certain modes to create the best possible flow.
Mp10 best pump on the market Oct 30, 2019
Got 3 mp10qd on my reefer 350 and they work perfect. Plenty of flow and nice and quiet. Love being able to program them.
Excellent Oct 30, 2019
Brilliant pump. Great build quality, very powerful and super silent well worth the money
Excellent Oct 30, 2019
Amazing product does what it should when it should