Vertex Vectra Engine Universal Cleaner unit
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Vectra Automatic Skimmer Self-Cleaning System
The Vectra system is a protein skimmer management tool to help both minimize skimmer maintenance and improve waste extraction. By cleaning out the neck of the skimmer, sludge build-up is eliminated, allowing skimmate foam to consistently climb up into the collection cup. This cleaning action can lead to up to 60% increased skimmer effectiveness. 
Designed as a cost-effective product-enhancement device, the Vectra is a universal, component-based system. The “Vectra Engine Universal Cleaner Unit” is combined with an appropriate lid to create a custom Self-Cleaner Head for most popular skimmer diameters. Upgrading is as simple as swapping lids.
Available Lid Sizes:
Vectra Lid 150: Collection-Cup Outer diameter 150mm / ~6”
Vectra Lid 160: Collection-Cup Outer diameter 160mm / ~6.5”
Vectra Lid 180: Collection-Cup Outer diameter 180mm / ~7”
Vectra Lid 200: Collection-Cup Outer diameter 200mm / ~8”
Vectra Lid 250: Collection-Cup Outer diameter 250mm / ~10”
Vectra Lid 300: Collection-Cup Outer diameter 300mm / ~12”
Fully modular, parts are interchangeable/upgradable
Solid Cast Acrylic and PVC Construction
Rugged modular system will fit most standard skimmer diameters
Increases skimmer performance by up to 60%
Silent operation 
Technical Data:
Grade II Titanium Screws / Corrosion Resistant
Silicone O-Rings
Vectra Engine Dimensions: ~110 * 90 *200mm / 4.33” * 3.54” * 7.87”
Power Supply US: 
Input: 120VAC / 60Hz
Output: 24VDC/500Ma
Power Supply EU: 
Input: 230VAC / 50Hz
Output: 24VDC/500Ma
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