Vertex RX6D Calcium Reactor
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Rx-C 6D Calcium Reactor
Proper management of Minor, Major and Trace elements are the cornerstone of successful reef keeping.
This remains a necessary task both with small and/ or larger Aquaria alike. Although different effective methods are successfully practiced; Calcium reactors remain to be one of the most favored and reliable ways to manage most mid to large size Aquaria.
If operated properly, a Calcium reactor can manage your system’s needs of Alkalinity, Calcium and with further addition of dolomite; Magnesium.
Further to that it has been observed by many aquarist that utilizing a Calcium reactor can also aid with addition and maintenance of other compounds readily available in the Media, “Coral skeleton”. Vertex Rx-C 6D is a Dual Chamber, 4 compartment, high capacity reactor constructed from CastAcrylic and PVC.
The innovative design of the reactor allows for diverse placement options; catering to a wide range ofcabinet sizes and spaces. Rx-C 6D can be operated internally or in external applications.
Besides exceptional Vertex quality, design and construction; Vertex Rx-C 6D sets the trend by allowing micromanagement of effluent flow via onboard “Miniature Titanium-Rod Flow Meter”.
All parts and compartments can be disassembled for trough cleaning and maintenance.
• 950 L / 250 US-Gallons ≤ Filtration Capacity ≤ 450 L / 120 US-Gallons (Very High Bio-Load)
• Solid cast Acrylic and PVC Construction
• Designed and manufactured in-house by Vertex Aquaristik™
• Dual Chamber design, Multiple compartments for different Media
• Sicce Syncra Pump
• Onboard “Miniature Titanium-Rod Flow Meter” and Precision Needle Valve
• Bayonet-style neck provides a secure, leak-free coupling between the lid and body
• Easily accessible Ph port
• Onboard Bubble Counter
• Convex machining of Chamber bases to allow better flow distribution and avoid channeling
• Gas Exchange chamber for more effective use of Co2
• Gas Recycle port to remove and reuse excess, unused Co2 from the main chamber
• All parts can be disassembled for ease of maintenance
Technical Data:
Grade II Titanium Screws / Corrosion Resistant
Silicone O-Rings
Sicce Syncra: 120V, 60Hz , ~ 0.43A
Dimensions: ~ 280 * 310 * 560 mm / ~ 11” * 12” * 22” (Width, Length, Height)** – Unit Only
**Unit can be installed in different fashions to achieve different footprint
Special Considerations:
• A Calcium Reactor is a device operated in conjunction with a high pressure Co2 Dosing System and tank, always think safety first and consult with a professional.
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