Vertex Omega 200 Protein Skimmer
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Omega 200 i Protein Skimmer
While The Original Omega Concept has been widely accepted and appreciated by the most discerning hobbyist, Omega “i” Series were conceptualized to answer the needs of high bio-load systems with restricted sump volume. “i” Series are “pump in the body skimmers” with emphasis on the fact that this feature should not reduce performance. 
Again the signature Omega body-design was utilized to increase reaction volume. Further to that by following in the footsteps of the Alpha-Series, we were able to apply superior technology to the Omega “i” Series. First, materials and construction are of the highest quality. The body is Pressure-Thermoformed from cast acrylic, up to 10% thicker than most other makes. 
Secondly, the Omega’s are imbued with one of the best pumps the industry has to offer. Omega i is paired with a Custom Askol™ motor-block exclusively produced for Vertex Aquaristik™. As the heart of the skimmer, the pump must be durable, efficient and quiet of operation. Askol™ motors have been long recognized as the pinnacle of the high performance and reliability in aquatics hobby. Unfortunately due to the larger size of these motors; most skimmers with “pump inside the body” design utilizing this great motor suffer from decreased reaction chamber volume. Vertex’s master CNC craftsmen have remedied this problem with a new custom bracket that allows mounting the pump on its side. This in return increases the volume of the reaction chamber significantly. Further to that the Base-Plate is milled to house a portion of the enlarged pump head hence further increasing the Reaction-Chamber volume. Ultimately, the smooth signature transition allows for better migration of air/water mix and final separation of organics from Aquarium water. Omega 200 i Protein skimmers are a perfect marriage of Value, form and function; simply a Vertex.
450 L / 120 US-Gallons ≤ Filtration Capacity ≤ 825 L / 220 US-Gallons (High Bio-Load)
Solid cast Acrylic and PVC Construction
Designed and manufactured in-house by Vertex Aquaristik™ 
True full body wine-glass reaction chamber
Custom, Askol-based high-performance skimmer pump
Space Saving design – “Pump in the Body”
Bayonet-style neck provides a secure, leak-free coupling between the cup and body
Easily accessible Ozone port
Swiveling skimmate-drain
All parts can be disassembled for ease of maintenance 
Technical Data:
Grade II Titanium Screws / Corrosion Resistant
Silicone O-Rings
V- 200 i Skimmer pump: ~ 38W
Adjustable : ~ 1800 LPH ≤ Air-Draw ≤ 2000 LPH
Dimensions:  ~ 285 * 275 * 610 mm / ~ 11.25” * 10.75” * 24” (Width, Length, Height)
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