Vertex Omega 150 Protein Skimmer
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Omega 150 Protein Skimmer
While most protein skimmers feature a Cylindrical or conical body, Vertex™ opted for a wine-glass shaped chamber which resulted in the best of both worlds, increasing the overall surface area while maximizing the effectiveness of the conic transition. This is no small change, this revolutionary architecture improves the overall value of the product by addressing and improving upon key design queues; efficiency, productivity and cost of production. While there are many imitations and/ or different variations of this design available, most suffer from reduced reaction-chamber Volume. This is due to that fact that they transition from bottom of the body to the top. Vertex Omega body is unparalleled in having a true cylindrical shape at the bottom and a wine glass transition to the neck. Further to that by following in the footsteps of the Alpha-Series, we were able to apply superior technology to the Omega line. First, materials and construction are of the highest quality. The body is Pressure-Thermoformed from cast acrylic, up to 10% thicker than the competitor. 
Secondly, the Omega’s are imbued with one of the best pumps the industry has to offer. Omega 150 is paired with a custom Sicce™ motor-block exclusively produced for Vertex Aquaristik™. As the heart of the skimmer, the pump must be durable, efficient and quiet of operation. Bearing these factors in mind, not many other pumps can match Sicce™ for their time-proven pedigree. The custom in-house manufactured rotor is larger using a strong neodymium magnet producing Air-Intake unmatched by other similar sized skimmers of other makes.
Last but not least, the raw water is delivered through an angular Injection port into the Bubble-Chamber. This unique design produces a vorticular movement of Air/Water within the chamber increasing the contact time as well as utilizing the pumps turbulence to aggressively make for a better Air/Water Interface.
300 L / 75 US-Gallons ≤ Filtration Capacity ≤ 500 L / 150 US-Gallons (High Bio-Load)
Solid cast Acrylic and PVC Construction
Designed and manufactured in-house by Vertex Aquaristik™ 
True full body wine-glass reaction chamber
Custom, Sicce-based high-performance skimmer pump
Dynamic Vorticular-Injection chamber.
Bayonet-style neck provides a secure, leak-free coupling between the cup and body
Easily accessible Ozone port
Swiveling skimmate-drain
All parts can be disassembled for ease of maintenance
Technical Data:
Grade II Titanium Screws / Corrosion Resistant
Silicone O-Rings
V- 150 Skimmer pump: ~ 26W
Adjustable : ~ 650 LPH ≤ Air-Draw ≤ 900 LPH
Dimensions:  ~ 230 * 305 * 560mm / ~ 9” * 11.8” * 22” (Width, Length, Height)
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